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  • notsohumble notsohumble Nov 10, 1999 4:20 PM Flag

    No selloff at the end = gap up tomorrow


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    • November issue states:

      *Staples has
      delivered 21 straight quarters of 30%-PLUS growth in
      earnings per share,
      *PE of 24.4 based on Sept. 17th
      1999 price per share $21.25,
      *Last FIVE-YEAR return
      of 392%,
      *Market Cap. of 9.8 billion dollars,

      *Debt to capital only 13%,
      *Growth rate 30%,
      ratio 0.8.
      **Analyst Daniel Binder at Brown Bros.
      estimate growth of 30% per year over next 5 years, which
      is 3 times the industry.
      **John Schreiber, at
      Janus Funds, which owns more than 270 million of
      Staples stock said that Staples is expanding from selling
      office products to also providing small business with
      services like payroll management, long-distance telephone
      service and website registration. "Staples is doing all
      sorts of inventive things to cement its relations with
      small business customers,"

      ***I predict the $25
      per share by year end, which is were this stock
      belonged before all the latest excitment. Good Luck to

    • See my posts over the last week or two. My only
      point of difference is that it wont make 25 by years
      end, it will run above 23 before Christmas and fail to
      breakout, falling back into the 20 - 22 range.

      still hold to what I said before, when the MM's
      manipulate this much, make your money and get out. There's
      thousands of stocks out there, no reason to try and guess
      their ulterior motive.


    • Usually gappers selloff heavy to new lows. See Thursday/ Friday Pattern.

      • 2 Replies to trader_h
      • are but one thing for sure I know you sure post a
        lot of misinformation about SPLS. Let me guess, you
        are short? Ah, it really doesn't matter.
        I just
        know you come off like someone who has some real
        information. The other day you said MSCO was someone other
        then who they are which is MorganStanley.

        your going to tell this thread that "gappers sell off
        heavy to new lows." Give me a break!
        This first off
        is not just a gapper but a real mover. It will
        continue moving up and once earnings are out 11/16 will
        move higher.

        The option Dec calls on SPLS
        nearly doubled since yesterday. I don't know who your
        trying to persuade that you know what your doing but man
        your wrong about SPLS! I think its wishful thinking on
        your part if your saying SPLS is on its way down to
        new lows. Have you seen how many buy recommendations
        analysts are giving SPLS? You think they would do that if
        SPLS wasn't going to have knock out

        Think again, cowboy!

      • by selling SPLS today early at 20 1/16. Was thinking it is a top.

        Too bad I missed the rest of the run, if any. However, I made a decent profit. 20% between yesterday and today.

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