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  • melo_man_99 melo_man_99 Nov 11, 1999 11:37 AM Flag

    Boycott Staples

    Boycott Staples!!!

    Staples makes it
    impossible to get off of their direct-marketing mailing
    list. I have repeatedly asked them to remove my home
    address from their list, and they have not done so -- in
    spite of assurances each time that they would remove
    it. That demonstrates their outrageous disregard for
    consumers. Look for my upcoming "Boycott Staples" web page,
    which I intend to get listed in Yahoo in various other

    Boycott Staples!!!

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    • Click on his profile. You will see that it is no longer valid. They deleted some of his more offensive messages too.

      That�ll teach him to call people curse names.

    • Could you please rephrase that in the form of English?

    • you are wasting time and space. i love a person
      when they say i. i this i you a genius you geek and im
      sure just like trading pics you bought at the very 52
      week low and he sold at 21 when there was on one trade
      at 21. but it was his lolololol

    • You could be right, but this one has quite a few
      things going for it.

      The most important of which
      is that this is STAPLES. Not O Max or O Depot. These
      Staples guys do it not just a little better, but a lot

      Do you buy your own office supplies? I do
      as I run local operations for a parent company many
      thousands of miles away. I left a job where all that stuff
      was done for me and I learned pretty quick where to
      go and why.

      SPLS has not disappointed yet.
      They keep the growth up. I don't expect any lame
      excuses about the weather, if you know what I mean. I
      expect they will be a leader in the net

      Lots of stocks have not hit their highs since August.
      No offense but that is not really indicative of what
      the future will bring. The Naz was not setting
      records 9 out of 10 days in August either. I only trade
      from October to April. Why? That is when the up action
      occurs. The odds favor activity in the market during this
      period and exactly the opposite the rest of the time.
      Someday I will play all year but as a short the majority
      of the summer and early fall months.

      A long
      post, but my point is this. SPLS has plenty more
      upside. Use a stop and ride the train.

    • This message board is for investors! It's not for
      someone like youself who is stupid enough to build a web
      page "Boycott Staples". You can build your own web
      page but can't get removed from a mailing list? Your
      are seriously lacking any normal common sense. Which
      explains your problem in the fisrt place!

    • SPLS hasn't hit $25 since August. I don't see it
      happening before earnings, and with recent industry
      weakness earnings may not be spectacular. Even if they are
      good, I am guessing on a bit of a delayed reaction, not
      a big pop right away. If earnings are good I may
      jump back in. If they are not impressive, we may be
      looking at $16-17 again. Remember, I called SPLS
      overvalued a way back at $30. I believed it was undervalued
      at $16 1/2, at least in the short-term, but at $21
      5/8 now the downside risk is at least as big as the
      upside. I would highly doubt SPLS can close above $23
      before earnings, but if it does, congratulations.

    • Why would I sell a stock that is

      Why would I sell one before earnings when it has a
      history of NOT disappointing?

      Why on earth would I
      sell it before it broke its 50


      I would not. lol.

      At first I was going to
      hold to 25. Then I saw the strength of the last couple
      days and I said 26.

      Now I am starting to think

      Thats just me. I am wrong sometimes.

    • Dear melo_man_99:

      If you could please send
      your address information to,
      STAPLES will make every effort to see that you do not
      receive unsolicited STAPLES mail. Currently we do use the
      Direct Marketing Association's mail preference file and
      apply other suppressions to make sure that requests
      like yours are adhered to.

      Is it catalog
      mailings you are receiving or coupons to visit our local
      store? The more information you can provide the more
      easily we can eliminate the mailings.

      Sorry about
      the inconvenience.

    • in SPLS should BOYCOTT it. There are some real nitwits on the internet, but you MELOMAN, take the cake. JMHO!

    • MELO OUT

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