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  • paintre paintre Dec 22, 1999 1:24 PM Flag

    SPLS-whats so good about it...

    Everyone says this stock is sooo good. Well I
    have been fairly long on it, pre last split anyway,
    and it has been a dog since its last big run up. Does
    anyone have any insight into why it isn't going anywhere
    if everything is so good about the company?

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    • What the F--- does this have to do with SPLS? Please take your crap elsewhere.

    • You might want to take a look at a company called ZAMBA (ZMBA). Undiscovered company until 3 months ago. I know a fairly intelligent analyst that thinks this is a $60 stock within 6 months.

    • when tech goes down staples will go up so the
      bursting of the bubble will give us all capital for
      further opportunities. however will the tech bubble
      burst, paine webber just put out a 1,000$ target on
      qualcomm !!!!!

    • no disagreements here about this company being
      good but the stock is not "bad". I happen to think it
      is a tremendous buy at this price. The problem is I
      don't have the foggiest idea when we will see it
      take-off. I just know I want to spread my money around a
      little so that when the tech bubble burst and money
      starts to flee to value I will at least be well position
      with spls. In the meantime, I'm hoping that
      instituional buyers will begin the new year bargain shopping
      and give us a boost. Hope those e-commerce numbers
      come in soon. Nothing wrong with a little patience
      when we invest.



    • From my vantage point there is nothing wrong with
      SPLS. If you are a long term investor, then walk away
      and in a few years you'll be happy. If you are a
      trader then its a great stock to trade. Today is a
      typical day, over a 1 point spread! On a 500 share trade
      it was an easy 500 bucks. A couple times a week / 26
      weeks out of the year / well you get the picture. Had I
      bought and held for the year I would have made a little
      ( split adjusted ), but trading a couple of times
      per week I have turned 10K more than 4 x over. Use a
      fairly tight stop. Stop moaning.

    • I own SEBL, VRTS, HD DH, GDT, INTC ITWO (at $20),
      NXLK, MFNX and SPLS. I like to vent when I own a stock
      that goes down every day even know the market is
      strong. I'm upset with myself because I bought a stock in
      a very weak sector when I could of bought SDLI or
      JDSU. I too think this is a good company but it's a bad
      stock right now!!! IE. 3M (Good CO. bad stock) Believe
      it or not there are good co.'s and bad stocks!!!

    • For the last several years tech stocks have been
      the darlings and most other stocks have been for
      sissys. I myself loaded up with the techs and have made
      out beyond my wildest expectations, however this
      exuberance won't last forever. Come Jan 3 I am selling at
      least enough of my techs to get out of margin without
      consideration of taxes which continue to suffocate me. When
      will this tech and dot-com party peak out? Most of the
      big techs will probably come out of year 2000 ok, but
      a lot of the whiz bang stocks that have soared with
      little or no earnings and which have little national
      need, have lots of competition, and which are full of
      hot air will likely self-destruct, maybe next year
      for a lot of them - longer for others. When all this
      begins to take place, I think stocks like SPLS which
      have value as well as growth going for them will
      become more appealing to investors. I would guess this
      could happen pretty soon, but what the heck do I know?
      If I am far off base here I will use any SPLS tax
      loss against some gains.

    • The so-called experts have warned me about being
      heavy in the high techs - for three years now - and
      they have all been wrong and I never made so much
      money in the market as I did the past three years. Even
      if the NAS does correct in 2000, I am way ahead of
      the game. Now if only SPLS would show some life, I
      would probably hang on another year - even buy more,
      but that whole sector is sic!

    • the NAS getting ready to correct.


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