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  • needajob_71374 needajob_71374 Dec 30, 1999 3:50 PM Flag

    possible acquisition?

    I spoke with a friend who is a broker and they
    said Staples is bidding against other resellers to
    purchase the company that owns
    (to continue developing their web business)- do you
    all know anything about this?

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    • the market got rocked today and Staples up. volume coming back. looking good for spls longs.

    • Thanks for the clarification. It explains a lot.
      Boy is the market volatile today - but with SPLS
      holding up so well, it must be a sign of strength.
      Someone just posted about waiting for a dip to get into
      Staples. I wouldn't wait too long. I recently reduced my
      margin from just short of 200K to 11K so guess that was
      a good move - hate to experience negative leverage.
      However, I would guess that this break in the market will
      be brief and that it will present some good buying
      opportunities. Thanks again sloc for your post and good luck.

    • Guessing you are the same person. Do your own DD. I am not going to do your work for you.

    • i did not make the previous post. i had
      over, they were "playing" on the computer. Must be
      there idea as a joke. I can only imagine other possible
      feed back i may be getting elsewhere. my start up is page, which apparently logs me in automatically.
      sorry mr. wilking, carry on and i look forward to more
      of your posts.

    • Sage advice. Thank you.

    • I don't smoke doobies or any other kind of cancer
      stick. In fact I don't even know what a doobie is, nor
      would I waste my time to find out. I wonder why you
      would comment that I sound like a suicidal doomsdayer
      and am a "dude" who should relax. To the contrary, I
      couldn't be more content or optimistic about this country
      and its future. We are not at war, more cash is
      flowing into the national treasury than out of it, there
      is no recession or depression (remember the last big
      one? - I do) - and I have personal prosperity and a
      successful (and also prosperous) family, so hell no I am not
      a doomsdayer at all. These are the best of times.
      My reference to the Y2K thing was tongue-in-cheek.
      Couldn't you tell? I would have hoped you had something
      constructive to add about SPLS rather than to drift off into
      the subliminal - too many doobies maybe? Please don't
      respond any further because, if you are like me, you have
      too much at stake in the market including SPLS for
      such foolishness. Thanks for your consideration.

    • I think the fact that SPLS has a history of
      meeting the numbers is a big plus. Office Depot and
      Office Max like to make excuses. I think the one about
      the weather is on par with my dog ate it.

      SPLS has an impressive growth rate over its history.
      Expect them to keep on rolling at 25% per year for at
      least a few more.

      Here is why I own SPLS. I buy
      my own supplies, as I have a home office. Office
      Depot cannot even stock the HP51629A ink jet cartridge.
      It is one of, if not the most, popular cartridges on
      this planet. In stock 365 at SPLS. They just have
      their eye on the ball.

      The recent range bound
      action in the stock is due for a reversal. I will give
      it 60 more days to break the high 20 range. If it is
      not there by March 1 then I will sell too.

      someone has been playing the stock. I also think a fund
      or two did some MAJOR selling the last 45 days. I
      think that is over now, but we will soon find out for

    • Been holding staples for almost four years now. I
      thought it sucked when about six months after I bought
      it, the stock price tanked on news that Justice would
      appose the merger. Well, I was new to investing and
      expecting a quick killing. That didn't happen I was forced
      to hold long. In doing so I learned avaluable
      lesson.. patience pays off provided the underlying
      fundamentals are good. Staples is the champion in its
      catagory. We've had a tough year since we hit 35 15/16 but
      quite frankly we deserved it. Staples is a great
      company but the P?E was not justified.. not yet. We got a
      little ahead of ourselves and it will take a little
      while longer to get back. But we will back up there and
      off to new heights soon. Its all about a long term
      view. For those who got caught at the top, I feel for
      ya and I've been there but things will improve. Luck
      to all and Happy New Year.

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