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  • cautious_optomist cautious_optomist Feb 24, 2000 9:28 PM Flag

    SPLS Trading range (bought some today)

    IMHO at the moment Staples is at the bottom of
    its present trading range (21-28),and now will head
    upwards till earnings, (which should be good) and either
    free itself of the range traders(who have done well
    chasing the price up and down)
    to climb to a new level
    in the 30's. More likely a new higher trading range
    will follow.

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    • Fact`s are :This stock will split 8 x in the next
      5 year`s.
      It`s been stated by many
      Mutual Fund COmpany`s.
      A: Has fantastic
      B: Great growth & revenue
      C: Superb P.R. &
      D: Great product for all your computer needs

      and office supplies competively priced.

      Awesome Company>> 90 % upside from HERE !!!!!!

    • yup..I'm with you...I may lighten above
      26 or
      so...just because 4 points in 2-3 days
      is alot....will
      keep a LT hold as well...I do
      agree a sub-25 price
      looks good...raising
      little by little on my buy
      limits with this

    • The agitation indicator worked! No sooner did I
      mention the words and the stock popped.

      I say we
      go up this week too, but it's an easier call now
      that it went up 3 today. Sorry I didn't get back to
      you sooner. Expect to break the recent high by
      earnings. Was way long at about 23.5 but took part of the
      money and moved it to Novellus today for a quick
      profit. Works out it would have been about the same had I
      left the money in Staples but I had all my eggs in one
      basket and now I don't. Have some extra cash to look for
      a bargain. Will buy on the open if it happens to
      dip, but I don't think it will. Will sell my position
      or set stops anywhere above 29 depending on how
      strong it looks.

      Good to hear from you and I
      appreciate the kind words. My sense of humor is pretty dry
      sometimes and some people may not always think it is funny.
      Thanks again.


    • keep up the good attitude. I like your
      of humor myself. So, getting back to our
      of the board (SPLS), let's talk
      shop. I say we go
      UP this week, IF the
      overall markets are
      neutral/decent. I may
      buy more, but I have a large (for me)
      So, I may just ride through no matter
      earnings.....Where are you ??


    • I don't know if you read my original message, but
      If you had and then were able to comprehend what I
      had written, you would see that I was being
      completely honest but that I also try to have a little fun,
      even when the markets are down and the stock is
      trading lower. I'm sorry if I offended your sensibilities
      in any way.

      The stock has been very good to
      me also. I want you to know that I am very humble
      and don't "brag about my picks" or "rant and rave" as
      you so eloquently stated. I also do not engage in
      name calling. I do believe however that it takes one
      to know one.

      I believe you need to get a life
      and then spice it up with a little



    • Your are an IDIOT! I was in at $17.00 and
      stock has been very good to me. HOwever,
      I've also
      gotten in to things like XEROX
      at $33.

      However, I don't 'rant and rave' about my
      losses or
      brag about my good picks. Please,
      lets try and keep
      this board intelligent and
      concentrate on facts.

      Someone either wins or loses. Stock was good
      or bad
      depending on who you ask.

    • This stock is at the low end of its range.

      However, trading ranges is just a product of applied
      social psychology. Long story short, there has to be
      buyers for the resistance at 21
      1/2 to be held.

      You can argue that it will but the simple fact is
      market sentiment in anything
      outside of the tech
      sector is dwindling(i.e WMT, ANF, GPS, TOM).

      Many hope this stock will hold. But if it does break
      21 all the shorts will be salivating and people
      afraid of a drop in stock will also cut their losses.

      The wild card in this whole scenario is earnings on
      3/2. Prognosis: Expect a wild week for this stock(i.e

    • SPLS should move to a higher trading range in the
      next six months, although this may well not happen due
      to the excessive snatching that occurs in the

      I'm in at $21 and $22 and will take some profit at
      high $20's, but too many substantially reduce their
      holdings at those levels. Don't they realise more modest
      profit taking would move SPLS to a higher

      I pray for the day that a higher range is achieved
      which leaves you behind.

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