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  • toffer007 toffer007 Mar 21, 2000 1:24 PM Flag

    when should I buy more?

    I bought at 20 and again at 18-9/16 the other
    day. I have just recently come across some more funds
    and would like to buy more. I would like to hold out
    and see if the price will come back down to 20 or a
    little lower, but I have freinds that are saying that
    they got info (from where I have no idea!) that SPLS
    is going to jump up 30%-60% on some news or
    something across the wire in the next week. Has it already
    hit or should I just jump in here!

    Dazed and


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    • is shorting at these levls, surely hasnt done much research on this stock. Limited downside risk at this level, unlimited upside potential!!!

    • regarding your msg from yesterday, 3/23, 4:10 PM,
      on behalf of the 500 Accounting majors in the NYU
      Stern School of Business and across the wide world I am
      taking offense at your ignorant JohnRocker-like
      statements of prejudice and narrowmindedness. You

      // Alexander Kerdman, CPA (future)

    • Here is the site to get info on Murphy's
      It is a
      little expensive but worth it for me. I have a two-year
      subscription and likely will renew. He sends monthly hard copy
      newsletters which he also posts on his website (need a PIN to
      access) - and he sends frequent hotlines and alerts all
      by e-mail. He is in close touch with what's going on
      in the tech area. His e-mail message received just
      today is a little scary for the market a couple of
      weeks out. He could be wrong, but he is pretty savvy.
      Anyways, his web site pretty well describes his service.
      PS: Just picked up another 2000 SPLS today and didn't
      get a very good price. Have 5000 shares now with just
      a meager profit. I think this one will require some

    • Don't know who John Rocker is, but I'm sure if
      you are using him for an example he must be an
      intellectual of some sort.

      Go back to sleep, we'll wake
      you if anything happens.

      Do you by chance know
      any exciting accountants, or even ones you can tell
      are breathing. Must be the thrill of adding up
      numbers all day. Call over at MSTR, their accountants are
      real popular this week with my other favorite group of
      people, lawyers.

    • my point...the difference between you and cych was he got the point and understands the purpose of this board...and by the way, lame sterotyping about must be a John Rocker fan!!!

    • I think we're talking about slightly different
      things. will CRAZY tech and internet progress last some
      more years -- sure. But isn't it all priced in twice
      over? Besides, if you consider P/G (read: SPLS)
      undervalued and underappreciated, it doesn't need to double
      toothpaste sales to double!

      What is that newsletter
      -- is it, like, email? or paper? if it's email,
      could you forward me some recent issue, i want to take
      a look!

    • of the money that the market is producing. I made
      my original investment in computers and real estate,
      but have been making alot more in this market. I bet
      on what I consider to be sure things such as staples
      returning to the middle 20's. I never put this much into
      one stock, but I don't see how it can lose. I also
      play with APCC and EFII the same way. They go up I
      sell and short, they go down, I cover and buy. I know
      that this can't go on forever, but it is making so
      much, I can't help myself. I think the trick in this
      market is going to be not to have all of your bucks in
      there when the bubble bursts. I remove alot on a
      regular basis inspite of the tax ramifications. I don't
      enjoy trying to keep this much invested, the fun went
      out of it when it got to be a lot of real money. I
      see Staples has taken a hit already this morning. I'm
      planning to hang in until the info on the tracking stock
      is released. Since I got in on March 2,8 & 10 I
      don't really have that much time involved and my
      average price is 21 9/32 so I haven't lost anything

      Good luck to all of you. Look at EFII and APCC as
      other possiblilities.

    • I'm glad I am way beyond college life. I think I
      would flunk out for sure due to either not being able
      to stand the regimen or due to brain atrophy from
      thinking too long and too hard. Anyway your question seems
      to be whether old economy companies or new economy
      companies will prevail. I am placing my bets with the new
      economy (not the crappy dot.coms) at least for the next
      several years. Proctor and Gamble may double its
      toothpaste sales (and earnings) when the population doubles
      (maybe in 50 years) but the new economy companies can
      double in months. However the products of these new
      paradigm companies are being used by the old economy
      companies and that is helping the old economy companies
      become vastly more efficient than before. SPLS is
      probably foremost in using new techology to establish B2B
      arrangements. I subscribe to Mike Murphy's Technology
      Newsletter so I am influenced by him. He thinks this new
      tech revolution is far from over and I am of the same
      belief. His picks have been pretty profitable. So have
      the Firsthand Funds series of technology mutual funds
      run by Kevin Landis out in Silicon Valley. I think
      this economic revolution makes it possible for the
      astute to become millionaires. Gotta stay awake and pay
      attention and that is hard to do for a lot of people. I
      think SPLS is one of a lot of companies that will give
      good returns with patience. I hope it drops today to
      give a chance to pick up some more at cheaper prices.
      The S&P futures are a minus 6.50 right now, so maybe
      there is a chance. Good luck. Would like to hear the
      thoughts of others.

    • Yeah, actual and cych, I also had a virtual
      portfolio once :)

      Hello Ladies and Guys!
      I always
      read this board, but rarely post for I am but a measly
      college student (of CPA Accounting lol) with only a full
      year of tuition in Staples -- just 1500 shares. You
      just got too exciting on me here... I feel like I must
      join the penis-measuring contest.

      I've been
      patiently accumulating since June 99 in measly 100-share
      quanta, and making up for losses by trading it in the
      oscillation zones.

      Please share your wisdom with me,
      Mssrs. Millionaires! Here's my big question: besides for
      Staples' own merits, which are undisputable, though
      overlooked, to what extent do you think will the next year or
      so see the traditional sectors of the economy regain
      proper valuation at the expense of the army of the
      shitty dotcoms?

      Yeah, what are y'all's target
      prices, anyway?

      // Alexander

    • Lets stick to the knitting here; SPLS that
      is..its going to make us all a lot of here's
      some news...I did find out that SPLS mgmt are going to
      present to analysts/investors at the:


      Goldman Sachs E-tailers conference in Las Vegas at the
      Venetian Hotel on 4-4;

      (2) the Goldman Sachs
      Global Retail conference in London, UK on 4-12;;

      (3) at the Robinson Humprey retail conference in
      Atlanta on 4-12; so 4-12 could be a big day if the news
      is good...two presentations = double the bang

      (4) the Morgan Stanley Dean Witter E tailing
      conference on 4-26...

      I have seen over the years that
      these conferences can really give a stock a boost and
      fast....feeding frenzy of institutional funds will come into the
      shares..very nice..

      I think that the explosive revenue
      growth of the SPLS dot com will play well at the
      etailing conferences...reference their press release for
      the reg statement there as to the actual revenue
      numbers..this reg statement for the dot com tracker is still at
      the sec for comment, so no actual date for issuance
      has been set...I dont think it will be too much
      longer, however...
      we should have news on the tracker
      within 2-3 weeks...long SPLS

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