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  • kd444 kd444 Mar 24, 2000 10:29 AM Flag

    re:Palm vrs not a cash drain. Leading office
    supply people on internet. YHOO, AMZN. these are cash
    drains. will generate more revenue
    because its cheap to operate on the internet, and also
    the common things people buy in the brick and mortor
    stores, like pens, pencils, paper, office supplies, ect.
    need no feel and touch.
    People generally know what
    they want when they go to staples, now they won't even
    have to leave their homes or business' to get

    Also this will benefit those who have small business'
    which is growing substantially in number.
    SPLS on
    its way up with or without u..IMHO
    GO SPLS!!!

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    • mr_garrison_from_south_park mr_garrison_from_south_park Mar 24, 2000 11:05 AM Flag

      If losing $150 million on $250 million of sales
      is not a cash drain, than I don't know what

      "``Consequently, is targeting sales in excess of $250
      million in fiscal year 2000, with losses in the range of
      $150 million,'' the company said in a

      If negative cash flows from operations of $8.5
      million on sales of $43 million is not a cash drain than
      I don't know what

      As far as YHOO is concerned, it is one of the few
      Internet companies that actually makes a profit. YHOO's
      stock is overpriced but it is profitable and it has
      positive cash flows from operations. Know the facts before
      you post.

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      • You're right about Yahoo now being profitable,
        and starting out in the red. However, is still in the investment/buildout stage, so a
        lot of that "red" money is going to building out
        their strategy. AMZN is certainly running out of
        excuses for their continued losses. Because Staples
        management has consistently proven themselves, time and time
        again, it is a reasonably good bet that they'll be able
        to run the .com operation successfully (in the
        black) once they've completed their initial

        You can obviously read financial statements, so I'm
        sure you can also look at charts: If you invested in
        Yahoo BEFORE they became profitable, you would have
        made a lot more money than if you waited until well
        after they turned profitable. The same will likely be
        true with The main difference here is
        that the company management has already proven
        themselves in many respects. Although the internet side is a
        bit different from their old R&D operation, they've
        definitely earned the benefit of the doubt. Trust in
        management, and follow through by management is what makes
        stocks go up, and stay up. So if you want to somehow
        bash this company's prospects down when they issue
        their tracking stock, you'll have to discredit
        managements strategies. Good luck, dude!

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