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  • satman77_2000 satman77_2000 Mar 28, 2000 2:30 PM Flag

    stillagile, if your long omx, odp

    go to their page and bother them!! leave us money makers alone with your crap about spls over valuation. you are preaching to the wrong people!

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    • Looks like we are getting a higher low
      forming...if we get a rotation into the high growth reasonable
      P/E chain brick and mortar retailers like BBBY, up
      over 10 points today, SPLS could have a nice I have stated before the average move up from the
      bottom on SPLS, is violent, in a spike form, and is in
      the range of 22 to 26% from low to high...if we get a
      25% pop up from the nadir of late, or the 19 3/4
      area...we are looking at a near term price of 24 5/8 on the
      lets move it on up long IPO coming soon on
      the with a road show to tout it..looks good
      to me...

    • people will see the truly 'strong' stocks. And with STPLS you are getting the best of all worlds....B2B,B2C,...Brick and Internet...American Markets and Foreign Markets! Go SPLS!!

    • of the day. SPLS was meandering like usual for
      most of the day and with about 30-40 minutes left it
      started tanking with everything else. Then it came back
      and finished strong.

      With money rotating out
      of techs, or at least new money NOT going into
      techs, we may see some nice moves here in the next week
      or two. The tech guys obviously have less concern
      for valuation than most people and will be looking
      for high growth non-tech companies and derivative
      tech companies like SPLS. Poised for takeoff, perhaps.

    • streaming quotes updated every second through a java applet for free. The site is . It has become a permanent part of my desktop.

    • the freerealtime site?...i haven't been able to get on for the last three days....are they down or out of business?

    • Location,Location,Location. Ask the fast food exsperts.

    • copied from RB>>
      real estate
      locations-good aspect of spls ! in my DD on spls i never before
      thought about their locations. you are correct. in my
      "home towns" the situation is the same. small town in
      northern michigan- walmart came in last year ,THEN spls
      this year right next door and spls is only one in
      town- no omx, no odp. home town #2 Ocala florida- spls
      is on state road 200 (the commercial "strip")
      bunched in around lowes ,home depot, best buy & near the
      mall & walmart(wallyworld is we know it here). odp &
      omx are here but in poor locations relative to spls.
      also,spls ,like walmart, is going into smaller markets
      where there is very high demand for the b2b services
      that spls e-commerce is targeting-- believe me , i
      know , i'm one who needs the service, as small towns
      have very poor to nonexistant services of this nature
      at present.

    • Bottom. 19-18. This is it. Trust me, I am the
      oracle of Framingham. I know the secret handshake. I
      know the color of the Koolaid management drinks in
      Framingham, and I've been drinking it. To 19-18 ish, then up
      from there, right up to IPO day for STAPLES.COM.

      This is your last clue.

      T W O

    • This company announces a "butin" to the
      e-business marketplace, and the stock goes down. I don't get
      it. I had word that this thing was supposed to "pop".
      Now, I'm in at 20 1/8, for a couple of thousand
      shares, and I'm beginning to get a little concerned.
      What's the story? Is this a go, or not?

      • 2 Replies to whilep2fan
      • whilep2fan,
        No doubt this stock is
        undervalued at 20 ish. Trading range prior to last earnings
        announcement was 21-28, and SPLS was ready to blow past 30.
        Some over-reaction to news that the dot-com biz was
        not profitable (duh) sent SPLS to 17's, which we then
        rebounded nicely to 23 before settling to 19-20. (Also keep
        in mind the 'Nas isn't exactly on fire at present).
        Price target is still 35-45. Worst case we give back to
        18's, but will go back to mid 20's soon, especially
        given the fact of the .dom IPO. My advice would be when
        investing in SPLS is to buy moderate amounts at 20-21, then
        average your position down if price dips, ie, buy 500 at
        21, 250 at 20, etc. Buy until it bottoms, then hold
        for rebound(which ALWAYS occurs). Once mid-20's are
        achieved you would have netted a nice profit.

      • There is more selling interest than buying
        interest in the short term. We can very well see 17-18
        again in the short term. When sellers>>>buyers
        even in the event of news as in the past few days's not a good sign at all. Whoever claims that this
        is a contrarian signal and thinks it's time to buy,
        they might be smoking or drinking something real

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