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  • olbinvestor olbinvestor May 20, 2000 12:47 PM Flag

    i am buying

    in the low 15's next week.

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    • I answered your question in my post. You refuse to read. SPLS is doing well now but it's still early.

    • eom

    • Just to let you know, I bought in at 17 and 16.5.
      And for sure, I am counting on a fat return. I don't
      play to break even... I play to win.

      But you
      still didn't answer my question... Why do you want to
      buy a stock which you make it sound like it's the
      worst stock in the world? If I thought a stock was that
      bad, I wouldn't buy it...not even if it goes from $300
      to $0.01. A stock that sucks wouldn't even be worth
      my time to spend typing a sentence on a message
      board. Sounds like you have a hidden agenda to me.

    • It's not right for the people here that bought in
      the 20's to try to falsely hype the stock for the new

      Like the "free money" poster....where did he go by the
      way? He never did respond.

      You cheerleaders
      have no bases on why this stock is going higher. SDOT
      going public will be the kiss of death to SPLS. Maybe
      that's why this stock is being distrabuted? Maybe the
      smart money is going to short SPLS when we have the

      Time will tell.

    • he is in a home some where and has nothing else to do but create controversy with immature statements....

    • I will explain:

      1) Because I have the same
      right to express my opinion as you or anyone

      2) I like to research things before just jumping in.
      My continued research has led me to a price target
      at which I feel is a FAIR price for this stock. You
      could have made the same points when it was trading at
      25,24,23,22 and so on. Those people (maybe you) that bought
      at does levels are going to be happy just to break
      even. In other words, there is continued resistance on
      the upside as long as we continue to drift lower

      The future looks bleak. Don't you think the BKS
      shareholders were excited about BNBN too? You cheerleaders
      just hate to admit that SPLS is on a downtrend and
      there is simply no reason to buy at these levels. All
      you here is SDOT, SDOT....a lot of good thats done.

    • If we do see that level this week, which I do
      think is possible, I will be buying with you. A year
      from now, those buying in the 15s now will be very
      glad they did.

      As for xtraprophet's (sorry
      about the spelling) assessment about cash on the
      sidelines and institutions waiting to jump in....sure there
      will be buying at times, and in my view, SPLS will be
      a beneficiary of SOME investors and institutions
      leaving tech and rotating into growth stocks, like SPLS,
      which have a tech and B2B kicker. But these are
      different times than six months ago. The days of calling
      Greenie a Weenie are over. Economic expansion will be
      occuring at a slower rate for the next year or 18 months
      at a minimum.

    • >>in the low 15's next week.

      and I believe in the tooth fairy too! You have no
      clue about how the market moves. Do you realize that
      all current SPLS shareholders will get a piece of the
      SDOT spinoff at the end of June. That's free stock
      (=free money) if you ask me. Within 3 weeks you'll be
      surprised at the price you will most likely have to pay to
      buy SPLS shares. Just watch and see. In one month,
      you'll be kicking yourself for not putting all the money
      you got in this stock.

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