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  • satman77_2000 satman77_2000 Jun 6, 2000 10:41 AM Flag

    reelinfeelin short some more chicken..

    its easy to sit back and be an armchair commentator isn't it. you probably got $2000 to your name. do you think you make any difference? LOL< LOL!!! Ha

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    • tracking stock. But the IPO brings cash into the company and helps with the buyback cash $$$$$

    • I'm one of the few that will admit that I bought
      in the $20's and again in the teens. It seems that
      there are so many �professionals� on this board who
      have predicted the peaks and valleys so perfectly. I
      doubt they really have but if so then good for them�

      Yes, this is a very painful situation but... ask
      yourself did you buy SPLS to make a quick buck or did you
      buy SPLS as an investment. If you bought for a quick
      buck then I'm sorry it appears that you made a very
      very bad decision. But if you bought SPLS as an
      investment then you will be rewarded. Not tomorrow, this
      week or even this month.... it is not going to happen
      so fast, but this stock is solid and you should
      sleep well at night holding it.

      VL reports that
      the annual P/E ratio for the last 5 years has been
      39.1(99), 37.7(98), 28.0(97), 30.1(96) and 31.7(95). S&P
      reports the low P/E for the last 5 years has been 25(99),
      26(98), 22(97), 20(96) and 20(95). S&P reports the high
      P/E for the last 5 years has been 54(99), 75(98),
      39(97), 35(96) and 41(95). So what does this mean? $13.2
      (.66 * 20) a share is still possible on the low side.
      $22 (.66 * 33.32) should be the average price using
      the average P/E for the last 5 years. $28.25 (.66 *
      42.8) should be the high price using the average high
      P/E for the last five years as reported by S & P. Of
      course this is using .66 as the EPS. Any comments on

      Sometimes a little cheerleading doesn�t
      hurt. I know that I�m not the only one that is
      thousands of dollars down right now.

8.38-0.18(-2.05%)1:22 PMEST