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  • JKenter3 JKenter3 Jul 4, 2000 9:16 PM Flag

    My Opinion on SDOT

    I have been holding Staples for a while, and I
    think that the SDOT tracking stock or IPO will never
    play out. There is nothing bad about keeping this
    internet company locked into its parent "old economy"
    stock in the LONG TERM. However, in the short term, as
    we are seeing now, the losses of, etc.
    is dragging down the company. Anyone looking for a
    quick play stock should not invest in Staples. If you
    are looking to hold for about 2-3 years, this is a
    great company. I would not accumulate but hold for now,
    as we could drift into the low teens. Looking on to
    the future, my target on Staples for July 4, 2001 is
    a modest $30. Do any of you agree with this
    assessment? I would like to read your responses.

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    • ng, but 250 shares does not make you a major shareholder! Sorry...add another 10,000 shares and you might qualify??

    • I small taters too (300) but hey, you gotta start somewhere!

    • The market has already expected SSS to be down
      for stpls. If they aren't down more than 5% we will
      see a nice boost in the stock price ANF SSS were down
      4% and the stock went up 22% on Thursday.The tech
      sector is a little nervous right now, and this stock was
      definitely beaten down. Low p/e and the 2 stores I
      everday are busy.24 by Eom.

    • I was being funny. However, I as I said before, SPLS is a great buy. So do yourself a favor everybody, buy some and forget about it!

      It's the best way to make $$$.
      Have a nice day,

    • Man, don't mean to bust your bubble but 250
      shares is not much. I'd say a 'major stockholder' would
      have 2500 at a minimum. A friend of mine has 8000
      Wal-mart and he's considered just a little cut above
      'average' at Wally-World. He does have a standing invite to
      their quarterly meetings. But you're right..SPLS is a
      must buy under 18..In fact, my Wal-mart friend is the
      on who put me on to it, FWIW...eom

    • as a major shareholder (I'm long 250 shares) I
      feel uniquely qualified to tell all of you that this
      stock is a must buy anywhere below 18. Years from now
      people won't believe you when you told them that you got
      in below 50!

      My wisdom is my strength,

    • According to Forrester Research, if you skim
      10--15% of REVENUE off the top of a typical superstore,
      then you reduce profitability to $0 (fixed costs, ya

      If that's the case, and if office supply sales
      continue to skyrocket on the 'net (through either SDOT or
      the others), then SPLS is going to have to close a
      whole bunch of stores.

      Gloomy outlook for SPLS,
      even if SDOT ever becomes profitable.


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      • Here's a premise that I think alot of people need
        to consider. E-commerce is not going to generate a
        single dime of increased revenue...ever. This applies to
        Staples, Office Max, Home Depot, CVS, anyone.

        it will do, over time, is reduce the cost of
        operating a retail presence.

        This whole e-tailing
        phenomenon is completely misunderstood. It's not some magic
        bullet that's going to generate obscene revenue and make
        incredible profits. It is the way to OPERATE your business
        in an efficient and cost conscious way.

        Staples may suffer short term as the cost of establishing
        an internet e-tailing presence, but it's necessary
        and will sustain their growth and

        And by the way, they won't be closing any stores due
        to lost revenue over the internet. Instead, the cost
        of running SDOT will become a fixed cost to the
        stores. This whole idea of separating the two is

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