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  • satman77_2000 satman77_2000 Jul 24, 2000 1:31 PM Flag

    changing my name to german/english ame-

    rican because I too have not got a fair shake in this world. But I haven't till now thought about why. Now I know. I look different.

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    • tanked but bitch about something new!The company
      has had to pay for the errors of other companies but
      that does not mean the company is a POS. I would have
      to be on crack to think it will be up in the 30's by
      the end of the year but I do not think that it is
      insane to think this stock could reach the 20's by year
      end. We are obviously at a new starting point, and I
      believe that the company is going in the right direction.

    • What are you talking about? What is your basis for this giberish?

    • go away

    • CC will be exiting appliances but replacing those areas of their stores with more tech equipment, software, and office product items. Not good news.

    • CC is going to take a hit today. Even though it
      appears that major appliances are the problem over there,
      I wouldn't be surprised if we see some weakness in
      the sector as a result.

      Regards - Dale

    • the point. Nobody picks you out of a crowd and
      says "He's German" (Unless you have your swastika
      jacket on) and nobody says "He's English" (Unless your
      kicking the shit out of an opposition soccer

      Anyway, SPLS flat for 18 months.

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      • If you are black. How can we tell what you look
        like, how old you are, your class, or whether you are
        male or female. No body picks you out of the crowd
        here unless you draw attention to yourself and you
        make an ass out of yourself. Nobody here gives a shit
        what you look like, just what you bring to the

        If you don't want racism don't bring it

        P.S. On the census forms, I listed myself a Klingon
        where as my wife stated that she is of the "Fatass"
        nationality. Also on our wedding license I am listed as Asian
        and my wife is listed as Hispanic.

      • poor you. Poor christians 1000 years ago too but
        that's not the point. The point is move on. Life will
        never be fair. we are animals. Are we as a species
        going to fix every wrong doing? never. we are going to
        live and die. If we continually choose to make it
        tough on ourselves as a race or whatever we are not
        doing ourselves or naybody of any race any good.
        period. live and let live. those who don't will get
        theirs. besides. this is a stock board. advertise your
        self percieved shortcomings somewhere else. its like
        prayer in the school. get rid of it! school is school.
        stocks is stocks.

    • How do you like my name. I feel as a Trekie, I
      have been neglected by the U.S. and deserve special
      rights. I have been repressed and caged in my room
      fantisizing about Deanna Troy and her tight spandex suits and
      working on my many U.S.S. Enterprise

      Lt. Commander Staples Spam


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      • I'm relatively new to investing and recently
        purchased (April) a modest position in Staples. Given all
        the appeal of this stock I have a question. How can
        the price remain so stagnant and at the same time the
        shares/volume traded each day continue to be in the millions?
        Obviously those with the capacity to trade hundreds of
        thousands of shares at a crack, a fractional sway every few
        days is money in the bank. Is it institutions so to
        speak that are simply day trading or shorting the pants
        off this thing whereas the price really doesn't seem
        to go anywhere.

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