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  • perceptionisreality_99 perceptionisreality_99 Sep 24, 2000 11:08 PM Flag

    The time has come...

    The stock is finally a true barometer of the
    direction Staples is heading. The retail division is flat
    so the attention has turned to its commercial
    division, Staples Business Advantage. Once viewed as an
    anchor dragging the rest of the company down, now SBA is
    supposed to pick up the slipping retail sales. The problem
    is SBA is management heavy, has an outside sales
    staff constantlty frustrated by high quotas and
    shrinking commissions, and a reputation for poor customer
    service. This all translates into a division with no
    direction, a recipe for disaster. No longer Wall Street's
    darling, the stock price reflects the fact that smoke and
    mirrors only works for a while, and apparently they're
    not working here anymore.

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    • has winning small business formula

      UpsideToday 10/3/00

      Regards - Dale

    • Hey, I'm a big supporter of the SBA division and
      I'm delighted with your brother's success. It just
      goes to prove my point that your brother's colleague
      in Texas, who is all doom and gloom and is not
      meeting his nut, either ain't working or is simply out to

    • You must be joking. My brother works for SBA and
      said that based on the last regional meeting they are
      landing more accounts than ever before. Their sales
      numbers have almost tripled from a year ago. You sound
      like just another sales rep who wanted to make money
      by doing nothing. Step aside pal, some of his
      associates are cleaning up. Landing very large accounts!

    • It sounds like you have been made accountable for
      results, and the results are lacking. You're like a lot of
      old-timers who cannot adjust to having to go out and work
      for a change. You've probably been getting by for
      years on little or no effort (and/or ability)and now
      that Staples is demanding results, you just have'nt
      been able to answer the bell.

    • that would be more like a stupid investor
      wouldn't it? spls stock was 35.00 a year and a half
      ago.are you still holding long?good luck!yes,you are an
      outsider and don't know what the hell you are talking
      about.SBA is losing accounts left and right.if you don't
      think that is the case why do you think the
      independents are growing?this is not a knock on staples in
      particular.none of the big boy's provide superior customer
      service at the contract stationer level.Later

    • The real problem with SBA is the fact that the
      sales reps, for the most part, are fairly lazy and lack
      the initiative to go out and find new business
      opportunities. If the phone does'nt ring or a new business
      opportunity does'nt bite them in the rear, then they just sit
      around moping and complaining. Except for a very few,
      they don't know what it means to w-o-r-k and plan for
      success. Just back up the truck and start all over.

    • Hope you are incorrect. Honestly, think we will see 24-25. My target is 24. Can wait as long as it takes and have pleanty of other investments that could cover a loss. No skin here.

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