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  • RAMSTOCKS RAMSTOCKS Nov 6, 2000 11:08 AM Flag


    At 11 EST ODP warned that sales for 4th Q would
    be negative compared to prior year. That must be wy
    SPLS gain today went negative. Hopefully, SPLS took
    their business, but no early comments either way from

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    • You must have a lot of time on your hands. I bet you're really a guy. Otherwise, I want your face.

    • You talkin' to me?

    • think dialog has any to do with the price to
      stock or anything. Use the damn ignore button mutt
      head. You don't have to read my messages. Are you so
      stupid to keep reading it? Who is twisting your arm?

    • Wow, looks like there's plenty of arrogance to go around...

    • Appreciate your kind words, 1968 was a tough's nice to know that some folks still think about the sacrifice that a lot of young men and women made back then.

    • appreciate the kind words on my service...back to
      SPLS though,I always felt that OMX would fall
      eventually. As my previous post suggests at least one analyst
      agrees and now ODP is also in trouble. I don't think
      there will be 3 office superstores in our
      some point OMX goes away and ODP and SPLS slug it out
      for king of the will be like LOWES and HOME
      DEPOT, no one else will ever come close and eventually
      you may have one clear winner with the internet and
      WMT picking up the rear. May take some years to
      happen but SPLS will be "king of the hill"

    • David Faber on SPLS and the election, from CNBC.

    • You arrogant SOB. Where do you get off with your
      insults? I post an opinion and you have to resort to this
      level of insult.

      And if you were truly
      interested in a dialog instead of hurling invective, you
      would note that I didn't compare staples to I made the observation that dot.coms starting
      from scratch are having an extremely difficult time
      building brand name, building infrastructure, and god
      forbid, becoming profitable. Add to the

      That's two people, MA Brooks being the other, that you
      have insulted for no reason. Get off your high horse
      and act civil.

      By the way, read the news
      story about Staples comparing their prospects to ODP
      and OMX and decide who knows more about the


    • Hey bcoz,you are correct that SPLS sells out of
      the United catalog but that is not the catalog they
      push.SPLS/SCC has their own book with about 6500 sku's that
      they want the reps to introduce to customers.No one in
      the op industry can avoid a wholesalers catalog.It's
      a necessary evil.

    • Hmmm...another moron weighs in.

      You do
      understand that furniture and office supplies have
      polar-opposite supply chains, don't you?

      For example,
      Staples' catalog,, and stapleslink all use
      wholesalers (United Stationers and SP Richards) to dropship
      products directly to customers.

      There are no
      similar wholesalers in the furniture industry.

      You're from Massachusetts. Do you know what market share
      WB Mason has in the Boston market? Do you know who

      for the sake of simplicity, keep your ill-informed
      opinion to yourself. I am putting you on


      PS. Say, you don't think Jack Welch might have a
      hidden agenda, do you? Golly, he MUST mean everything he
      says. NOT.

      You're a dope.

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