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  • johndisque johndisque Aug 3, 2001 3:11 PM Flag

    Staples Commercial is Abusive

    Do you hate the sight of your children? Can�t wait for the summer to end and they go back o school so you can be rid of them? Do you love to make them feel suppressed and sad because you do? Do you find this to be your only source of power?
    Staples is the store for you. They are running a back-to-school commercial � the man is dancing through the isles celebrating the fact that it�s back-to-school time and he will no longer have to put up with his children. He does this, as his two beautiful children stand there looking sad and confused. But that doesn�t phase the parent. Why should he care about their feelings?
    It�s ignorant, it contributes to the decline of family values, it sends a horrible message to our child (they are unwanted & unloved). It�s yet another way that the adults in this country suppress the creativity and brilliance of American youth � it is child abuse.

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    • Just to clarify, I never said that King Bush was the cause of the downturn, since it began early last summer. The Monica reference was my weak attempt at humor. The fact that the stock market, as well as 401k's feel through the floor last year had little to do with the White House or Congress.

      Tech stocks were so overvalued, every one was merely jumping on a bandwagon and analysts warned for months that companies such as Amazon, which was not showing a profit, would end up having their stock prices tumble, which they did. A little common sense there would have been a good thing.

      As for kids watching the news. Please!! So you would rather show kids extreme violence than talk about what is essentially a harmless sexual act? Beside, asks kids who the President is and many might answers Dick Chaney or Colin Powell. Bush is nothing more than an absentee landlord.

    • I'm no fan of Mr. clinton,he was horrible and a cancer on America's reputation world wide but lets face it Bush is an idiot. There were several Republican choices that were better suited He had no credentials to be president other than he oversaw 100+ people be killed, and bankrupted a savings and loan. Hardly a character to bring up a sagging economy. And where did you come up with this 2000 was the first time 401k's ever lost money? Could be true for you, but I have worked in the 401k industry for 10 years and have seen plenty of people loose money in that time frame. A 401k is only as good as the driver picking a vehicle.

    • You stated that Bush was the cause of this down turn. I was just reminding you of who was in the Oval Office when the down turn started. This is proven by the fact that 401 ks lost money in 2000 for the first time in 20 years. The Monica thing is just another thing that many of the Bush bashers seem to have forgotten or that they are ok with.

      My point being is how can you blame this on Bush? For the first time in 8 years our kids can watch the news again.

      I am an Independent so agree and disagree with actions that Bush has taken on some things, but just had to respond when I saw you blaming the down turn on Bush.

      Glad your 401k just lost a little in 2000. Some were really hurt. Of course, they still are, but will take awhile to get over the crazy actions taken by Greenspan and the day traders.

    • Sir, I'm not sure where you are going with this. What exactly does Monica have to do with my 401K sliding a bit?? Please explain.

      Thank you.

    • This one has obviously never heard the word satire before. Geez. Laugh a little you uptight jackass!

    • i believe it was monica between bills legs. perhaps instead of getting a hummer, he should have been running the country, instead of allowing himself to run all over her dress.

    • Both Staples and the economy were doing bad before Bush got into office. 401k's lost money for the first time in twenty years in 2000. Let's see, who was in the Oval Office with Bill?


      It's just supposed to be a humurous commercial. No more, no less!!!

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      • Long time lurker....first time poster.
        I'm not a teacher. Just an investor. And quite honestly have never seen the commercial. However, based on what the stock has done for the investor over the past couple of years, every effort should be made to encourge people to visit staples. From what I've read, I don't see how this commercial does that, and having teachers boycott a supply store isn't encourging.

        Maybe someone can reply with what it is the ad is promoting, other than back to school.

    • That is a CLASSIC commercial. It has won a ton of awards.

      While your subject is important, your anger is misguided.

      And to bash Staples as usual - their ads since then have been sub par.

    • Why do I get this awful feeling that you're serious?

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