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  • sidewinder587 sidewinder587 May 7, 2002 10:47 AM Flag

    please explain this

    why did the stock went down to about 2.75? Who waas willing to sell that low? Are they dumb or something? Please explain, I am new to this.


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    • i think it was normal, actually more than half of that 80k should be from MM, the rest is from the weak hands, who want the profit so bad. i can't see why it's illegal--we have a 100% free market, dont we, then MM is also one of the participants, they can sell/buy in what ever price they want to right?

      you said "low price", actually there is no low or high price, market is changing in uncertainty, you view it as low, maybe someone else think that's good price to sell, that's basically how the market works.

      agreed? good luck!

    • The market maker knew that he was going to have demand for this stock today, so he walked it down to scare people into selling and pick up cheap shares that he knew that he could sell later in the day for a big profit. Is this leagle? If it is, it shouldn't be. But that is how the NAZ works.