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  • brombonz brombonz Jun 18, 2008 8:07 PM Flag

    CHS Throws Its Dress in the Presidential Ring

    "Obama's dress, she said, was from a boutique that makes only black-and-white clothing. Some pundits will wonder whether this was a statement of ebony-and-ivory unity, and others will note how the brand's name, White House | Black Market, points to Pennsylvania Avenue. But the real importance here is that the clothing line is a subsidiary of Chico's—a middlebrow outlet for middle-aged ladies, a line exactly as fancy as the Gap. She dressed it up with a flirty brooch. The dress was sleeveless. "You are setting this trend where everyone wants to go sleeveless!" co-host Sherri Shepherd cooed."

    [From a review of Michelle Obama's co-hosting the women's television talk show, "The View."]

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    • Turns out that the dress is a Donna Ricco design that is not exclusive to WH|BM. It sold for $99 on the Donna Ricco website until they recently sold out. WH|BM lists the dress at $148. With a mark-up like that, it looks like Chico's is screwing their way to the White House. LMAO

    • Perhaps a little pop over at WH|BM, but the news is already fading and Ms. Obama has an image problem of her own that she's got the spin-doctors out working on. She's also a wee bit older than their stated target demographic. As gatr55 noted, not a lot of the older crowd want to be showing off that area between the shoulder and the elbow.

      Now, if this was the good old days, when Chico's used to get product placement on Oprah, it would be a different story. Then there would be tons of store traffic and the product would already be back ordered with a waiting list a mile long.

      Alas, Scotty the Plumber doesn't know how to affect proper product placement, like the Gralnick's used to do.

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      • You sure know how to take a good thing and make it look like a stinker, rocky. Ever hear of exercise to tighten muscles and reduce weight? Ever hear of plastic surgery to get rid of unsightly bulges? Many older women look nice in sleeveless dresses. But then, not all women think so superficially about every part of their bodies and wear them anyway.

        I am expecting more of the same from Mrs. Obama to differeniate herself from Mrs. McCain. More Black Market clothes vs designer couture. The whole thing was probably pre-staged for The View.

        And the Gralnick's came back in 1994 when Chico's had only 60 stores. It was a lot easier to turn around then than now.

    • I don't know whether this is a good or bad thing. I'm thinking good at this point since Obama looks like he's going to be the one.

    • <<"You are setting this trend where everyone wants to go sleeveless!" co-host Sherri Shepherd cooed.">>

      Yeah, especially women over 50!

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