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    • You got it right. Vedic people consider honesty to family and clan as the only honesty they consider a neccesity.

      Their religious practice requires offerings to be made for favours by the gods. So it is very natural for them to enforce that practice to the living world around them. The practice is very lucrative when you are higher up the totem pole at the receiving end.

    • More you tip, better service you receive! Less you tip, you can expect bad service. Sound familiar? Everyone knows the rules. Hence, do not call Indians corrupt, they are just hurting as anyone else.

      The real problem is population in India. Job sector demand and supply ration is screwed up, resulting into low wages as there is always someone ready to work for less due to intense competition.

      Indian employee = American waiters. Low wages. Depends on tips! Makes perfect sense, right!

    • Corruption is an alien word that might be despised by us in the West.

      In India, since ancient times they have considered a so called "bribe" as an expedient compensatory fee determined after careful transactional analysis that is usually negotiated between the two parties in absolute faith and trust. Every family member enjoys its rewards and learns by example the skill set and goods needed to get the job done. They even have developed a encrypted signalling system using vedic principles. I have never seen a family return a bribe. They consider that an insult to the receiver.

      In brief, the philosophy,methodology and culture of bribes is embedded in all parties, it is unaffected irrespective of who is elected. I do know that at the time of elections , many of the electorate get a free packaged quality meal to compensate them for the long line ups and time spent at polling stations.

      Would not our voter turn out would be much better if the parties gave their supporters a $10 voucher to Mcdonalds on polling day.!

    • The change and trust are 2 things, which goes by any nation. when every leader is corrupt, then who will take care of law.

    • No
      We are praying Anna will make a dent and in future things will get better

    • can there be end to corruption? Ask it to your self?

    • B sam.....Earlier this week, actress and icon Liz Taylor died of congestive heart failure. She had been sick for since 2006 and few on the outside probably could have predicted when she would go. Which is why some of you cynical #$%$ will surely feel the need to note the auspicious timing of Steve Cohen agreeing to put his painting of the actress, Liz#5 by Andy Warhol, on the auction block just two weeks before her passing, and suggest the decision resulted from him being tipped off re: when it was going to happen. That’s because you’re all heartless individuals who just don’t get it.
      What the timing more likely points to is Steve being one with Liz Taylor. A lifelong fan for years now, he probably just sensed that she was about to leave us. Knowing he couldn’t bear to have a constant reminder of his spirit animal in the house where he would have to see her every day, he knew it was time to let her go. He lit a few candles, called up his people and said “It’s time. I’m ready now.”

      Liz Taylor Portrait To Go On The Block For $20 Million [WSJ]

    • AIG, Lehmans , Maddoffs....must be Indians or Indian organizations, or even better trained in by an Indian!!!!!
      Your are silly when you generalize

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