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  • ibn_hyped ibn_hyped Oct 6, 2011 11:13 AM Flag

    $5.00 in 12 to 15 months when Scammy Indian Accounting is

    Accounted for! It doesn't take too much thinking to sell. Don't buy Banks. Don't buy Indian Banks at all. I am not excited the way transperency works in India.

    The only transperent thing in India is Corruption!

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    • Vedic people not corrupt. Nation closest to God on the planet. Check the number of worshipers in homes and temples. They even wear visible signs of their faith on their shaven heads bodies.

      So many you mistake Goodwill for corruption. Vedic people believe every one deserves to be compensated for their efforts. Their Govt does not have enough revenue to disburse large incomes. Hence depending on the job, the shortages of materials etc and the required outcome, Vedic people realise money can lubricate, hasten and bend the outcome to ones wants and avoid the friction. It makes the operation very smooth and fast.

      You call that corruption; but local people there call it an appps of Newtonian social engineering. They must know because they are experts at it.

    • Indian banks are ultra conservative. lets count the banks that went down in the US since 2007. Is that some high 3-digits pushing 4-digits? Yeah! The number of Indian banks that failed since 2000. Hmm.. about 15. That speaks volumes about the banks, if not mistaken. Agreed, some banking policies may not be fair etc. However as long as the market goes up Indian Banks will fare well in the long term.

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