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  • futurestyleslookout futurestyleslookout Dec 9, 2011 9:18 AM Flag

    What is wrong with Indians not wanting to build

    Proper infrastructure. Why can't they build proper water facilities, sewage facilities, roads, bridges, tunnels, schools, hospitals, etc.

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    • Vedic people dont believe in western planning instead they believe in stratified communities where like people shares the road, the water,food,toilet waste and even wealth. They want to revolutionize civilisation so that they can crete a world movement that will share schools, hospitals , bridges and highways so that all speeds, all traffic and all forms of life can be accomodated.

      It is a very advanced concept which can only be masterd by long hours of mediations and fast. They do use the Computer for simulation of scenarios during the mediation training. Once you have been emnlightened, you have no concern for time, waste and space. You can virtually control these by meditation.Then queing and garbage become very pleasurable experiences.

    • Hey,the vedic people dont need such a sterile world that you and I admire.

      They have progressed to teleporting both mind and matter. What we see in term of Chaos , incovenience,disorder and filth, they see as fractal images of the Divine complete with all forms of living matter. They know that in time rebirth can teleport them to different galaxies which are out of bounds to other non believers.

      They often ask -Why would you waste your resources trying to remodel nature when nature itself assures you of a better model in the next stage of your never ending journey.?

      I dont have that answer; do you.?

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