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  • tonytechs_2000 tonytechs_2000 Feb 16, 2010 7:22 PM Flag

    Bashers seem scared......

    I hope you are in at 23 cents.

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    • No .. we are off making money. I just sold RNN after a two weeks of scam sites and B room hard sell brokers running up the stock. Stupid people. I think RNN has something three or more years to go before it even sees one penny if at all. Naturally I am not a broker.

      Another example of scam news:

      "Enablence Chosen by Argentina's Largest Cable Television Provider"

      now hold that in your head.

      "has achieved certified supplier status with Cablevision Argentina"

      "Cablevision Argentina selected Enablence"

      "Ing. Nicolas Vidal, Analista Senior Telecomunicaciones Gerencia Ingenieria (Senior Analyst) "