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  • richd8980 richd8980 Jan 8, 2012 12:18 PM Flag

    Long live the banker


    The banker nailed these guys. The banker did his research. I wish it didnt cost 45% to short AMPE and there are no options to short which makes it difficult to ride along with the banker.

    Quit bashing the banker and ride along with him
    the guy does his homework.

    This topic is deleted.
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    • What do you not understand about having a discussion and having something stated verbally. Suggest you speaking with AMPE - you might learn something not in their presentation. Also having a friend at the hospital in Adelaide gave some additional insight in that the hospital wants the second study and why.

      For someone who is deaf, dumb and can only call people names I feel sad. You obviously believe everyone and only what you read when the poster agrees with your position.

      Again, I would not add to my position today. Too many variables. I also feel that many things said about Mr. Macaluso related to prior positions were twisted and incorrect and most importantly have nothing to do with AMPE.


    • Read the presentation, moron.

      It's on AMPE website.

    • I am not going to continue tossing dirt. AMPE management at two separate presentations in the discussion groups was asked about Zertane. The reply was we would like to market it if we can find a partner, but have no plans to larket or get approval to sell Zertane in the US as a stand alone product.

      Listening is a good skill. One you do not have.

    • "The lies were huge in the first article"

      Name 1.....

      "Both distorted the facts about Zertane in saying Ampio could never get it past thwe FDA in the US, when the company has made it clear it has no inestest in Zertane in the US - never had."

      Really? You should have a look at page 25 of their new corporate presentation, where the company explicitly states, about Zertane:

      "Will pursue U.S. approval in collaboration with a partner"

      Seems pretty clear they want US approval.

    • Anyone who thinks the banker did his homework hasn’t done THEIR homework. His article is full of deceit and twisted “facts”. Some clear examples of false information in the banker’s 12/13 SA article are Mr. Macaluso’s role in Isolagen’s bankruptcy filing (per the 4/2005 8K, he was gone for four years prior to it!), that the Chief Scientific Officer conducts the company’s trials at his own research facility, and the Daewoong agreement (both detailed in Q32011 10Q). These “facts” submitted by the banker are clearly refuted in 8K and 10Q filings. But we haven’t seen any retractions despite his promise to do so “If there are actually misleading statements and inaccurate information… “.
      A Jan 5, 2012 report by BioMedReports discloses ‘the banker’s” identity and reveals fraud allegations against him and eventual settlement of charges with the SEC for a combined $165,000. It also points out about 10 inaccuracies in the article. Bottom line is these shorts have a lot at stake with 40% cost of borrowing shares and they will lie and cheat investors out of their money to make a buck for themselves. New article over the weekend “ … Compelling Short Idea…” appears more thoughtful, but then we find the author also has an SEC complaint against him. Anyone with a computer can attack a vulnerable new company like Ampio and make some money. We don’t yet know how the drugs will do – but to lie and disparage people to make money shows a lack of integrity.

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      • "“ … Compelling Short Idea…” appears more thoughtful, but then we find the author also has an SEC complaint against him"

        You do realize that anyone can make an sec complaint on the sec website right?

        Regarding The Banker - I think he might be incorrect in some of the things pointed out, but in the end, the company is worth the sum of the future cash flows it's products generate discounted back (dcf model). I agree he should correct some of his inaccuracies because people such as yourself will keep pointing them out, even though in the end they are not very material to company future revenues (arguably). Instead of people being concerned about the banker or some other writer, one should look objectively at the company portfolio and what it's worth. If you take the company's word for it, it's worth a lot (it should be, why would they say anything but, they have a lot to lose), if you ask some others, it's worth a little.

        Straight from the 10k - "We expect our net losses to continue for at least several years and are unable to predict the extent of future losses or when we will become profitable, if ever. "

        How was such a scenario worth a $200 million market cap (now $125 million or so) with such a weak pipeline? If this company were a 25-50 million market cap, I think it would be alot harder to argue a strong short position as risk is no longer favorably skewed.

    • Starting to get a little scary for you shorts, eh? Little panicky? Cold sweat? Funny how you guys come out of the dark when AMPE has a nice bullish trend upwards. Minimize your losses and buy to cover while you still have a chance or you'll be sorry, real sorry and very soon.

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      • I agree, I think the short profits are over. With plenty of working capital and a few more weeks before results reporting AMPE has nowhere to go but recover from the previous attack. I as you, figure the shorters would come out this weekend. Everybody tries to make money and I can admire that but I don't think shorting it is a feasible option. Those who remain after the last attack are not going to sell now. Way to much risk to short at this price, the losses could be limitless.

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