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  • A Yahoo! User Aug 24, 2012 5:08 PM Flag

    What were they thinking?

    Page 21 of August 3rd 10-Q. Cash on hand $6.2million, cash raised in offering $15.2 million for a total of $22million. "Burn rate $600,000 a month, we expect our cash reserves to last into mid-2014." There are three potential drugs in pivital trials and a device all addressing multi $billion dollar markets. Any ony of these could send stock to significant doulble digits over night. What are the shorts thinking?

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    • Great point! It's apparent that the shorts are not thinking because they are gambling on having their heads handed to them on a platter when a major surprise announcement comes out. Ampio's drugs are so close and the company has plenty of money to get at least one of their drugs through that it's crazy. I wouldn't want to be an investor in the fund that was short a stock under $5 with this kind of potential for an overnight explosion. What are they thinking?

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      • I would expect the burn rate to go up as the last trails are going to be in the US and cost more, but the FDA approved path will allow AMPE to being probably two of the drugs to market themselves. This means that AMPE is either a 30 bagger or the trails wil not pan out. With three drugs in final trials the liklihood of none of them working out is slim. Any one of them is worth big $$ for the marketing, possible partnership, licensing fees, and a possible buyout. Agree that playing the sort side is sort of crazy.

        Also the volume has settled down. The lock ups are mostly gone and many long time holders cashed out part of their position and tripled their money. I know I would have done the same. Now AMPE looks like it is trading mostly on fundamentals.

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