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  • racavalli racavalli Jan 29, 2013 2:19 PM Flag

    Thanks SA for a stupid article...


    its EXTREMELY OBVIOUS that this article was written by short interests looking to create selling so they can cover their position before any explosive news is released.

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    • there is no substance to this article and in fact . . . it looks very similar to the articles written in december last year by "the banker" who wrote the articles that drove shares to $2.54 and damaged the company's ability to raise funds.

      small short players have singled out AMPE because they were never vetted by a major banker and therefore have NO FOLLOWING so it is very easy to manipulate their stock. very easy. there is no downtick rule in place and its easy to write negative articles like the one today that is CLEARLY unfounded information and DECEPTIVE to accommodate the shorts.

      All of my previous articles were based on facts that were all substantiated and verifiable. My only error was that I was a few months premature but the substance is all there and has not changed.

      the shorts might be able to take it down a lot lower but not for long because there is too much news about to hit that should be explosive.

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      • The article was written by prop think!!! They did the same bashing article with GALE a few months ago and brought the stock down 60% in one day $1.80-1.23!!! it close at $1.40's and was up to $2 a week later. Everyone saw it was all bull !! and the short probably covered!!!
        The company actually took legal action against them!!

        "A biotech company claims in court that an investment news website defamed it in articles and made money by shorting the stock.
        Galena Biopharma sued PropThink LLC, two of its editors and four "contributors," in Superior Court.
        Galena claims the defendants' two articles November articles knocked $39 million off its market cap in a single day
        The articles, published on Nov. 12 and 15, "state that Galena, among other things: (a) lacks 'faith' in its own products; (a) [sic] perpetrated a 'hoax' on investors; (c) lacks transparency at the expense of its stockholders; (d) engineered hundreds of millions of dollars of 'phantom' value; and (e) has as its main product candidate something that is not likely to work", according to the 21-page lawsuit."

        Google " Galena Propthink lawsuit"" it was the motherload of bashing!!

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