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  • th3k33p3r24 th3k33p3r24 Jun 4, 2013 1:03 PM Flag

    Thoughts on what is going on

    Its been a good few weeks. I think the conference at UBS was very beneficial for the company's stock. Maybe the presentation could have been better. It certainly could have been worse. Either way, it got the company in front of some institutions. Institutions will take (at least) a few days to look further into a company before any kind of decisions relative to investment. What we are seeing is just a little "toe dipping." After all, even 1,000,000 shares is only just north of $5M of investment - a mere pittance from an institutional perspective. Institutional investing has yet to arrive. When it does, we will know - in spades.

    However, this uptick in volume and maybe some very, very light institutional investment has brought the stock up to a level where sub-$3 short interest needs to cover to prevent greater losses. Some short die-hards will hang on. Once (or if) we pass $7, the sub-$4 shorts will really start to scramble, and we should see a huge gain.

    I don't think we will hear anything on Zertane this week. I just doubt the company would give an update on Monday, and then announce a done deal within the week. If it was that close to announcing the deal, wouldn't they just wait until the announcement? Who knows, but my guess is no announcement this week.

    I think that is really great news as the stock is rising nicely anyway and forming a higher platform from which to launch when (or if) an announcement is made.

    It has been a long (pun intended) ride for a lot people. Hopefully this time the price rises will hold and single digits will be a long lost memory.

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