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  • agnewpeters agnewpeters Jul 28, 2013 12:42 PM Flag


    I am back to tell you that a great treasure was given to you- you are able to buy AMPE at a discounted price. Sell your losers and invest in the winner. I have a friend that's short on AMPE- You should see his face., Even the strongest sleeping pills don't work! Wait till it crosses 7.18$ a share. That was the high in the last 60 days. The five million shares of dead men walking will have to dig themselves out by buying. I am still short on REGN., I still think they will make a bid for AM The dollar amount means nothing to them. Will keep you updated....

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • I know what you mean about the look on the short sellers faces. They are all white now and not feeling too good. Now that its time for the final kill, they are beginning to sense it. They might try another negative article, but everybody is wise to that #$%$ now. I absolutely cannot believe how any human with a brain can be short such as explosive stock with the potential to lose so much and so quickly! Wow! I will pray for them.

      So far as REGN making a bid for AMPE, I don't think they understand how effective Optina is just based on its science. They don't take Optina seriously enough yet and they don't understand Ampio's pipeiine that is about to rock their world and turn it completely upside down.

      Companies like REGN move too slowly to be able to respond effectively. My guess is they will be buried next year with a massive selloff once Optina is discovered. Eylea is going to be history in less than two years. REGN just doesn't see it coming because they are over confident from recent success. Too Bad for them . . . but fantastic for AMPE shareholders.

      Not many investors know about Ampio today, but that is about to change as soon as a steady river of news begins flowing in the next week or two or three.

      The clock is ticking and there is very little time left for the explosion.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • NFLX has been drifting downward since you last hyped it.So much for keeping your promises or your stock calls REGN was up another $1.38 last trading session. that short doesn't look like its working for you. you were gone and AMPE, the sure thing, went down how'd that happen, or are you competing with Sierra the stock info babe for bad calls;-))

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