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  • ampioman13 ampioman13 Aug 1, 2013 10:19 AM Flag

    First hand knowledge is the most compelling and convincing !

    I have a family member whom is very furtunate to have had access, to the enrollment of the Ampion spring study. My mother was originally diagnosed with early stage osteoarthritis ,and has subsequently progressed to the pt. where she is a candidate for a total knee replacement. She is reluctant and averse to surgery for fear of the potential complications. She has tried all of the conservative modalities of treatment ,steriod injections and multiple series of Hyaluronic Acid. The results have been ineffective and somewhat dubious at best. As we all know, the manifestation of pain is a subjective phenomenon and tolerance is uniquely individual. However, daily funtions and activities are the real measure of sucess and can be demonstrated. She reached the treshhold where her pain was debilitating. She finally conceded and succumb to the reality of her joint replacement, until she heard a local radio advertisement advertising the spring study. She wanted to try one more conservative treatment so she enrolled. She just concluded her twelve week follow-up which I attended, so I could inquire more information about the study. Her pain has significantly decreased and her activity has significantly increased. She is not sure if she recieved the placebo or the saline, its difficult for me to imagine saline would provide such relief. She feels she received a miracle drug. I can"t wait for them to reveal what she recieved. I asked the P.A. if her results are abnormal ,she said she could not discuss specifics but they are not. So all I can say is "many times we make assumptions although logically sound are based on insufficient info. and often lead to erroneous conclusions." It is compelling enough to buy stock, I hope she received ampion and not saline!!

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    • You mother's experience is EXACTLY the same as what was told to me in an interview with the Senior Director of the Ampion phase II trial at CPR Pharma last year. She said that out of the 100 patients in last years Ampion trial, 40 were given placebo and 60 Ampion. All the patients were knee replacement candidates and came into the trial limping, hobbling and depressed. After their injection of Ampion, they were literally dancing and laughing. Like ampioman's mother, she also called it a miracle drug. She said that out of their 25 year history, Ampion was the most successful trial ever. AND THERE WERE NO ADVERSE SIDE EFFECTS. Other than Ampion, there is not one anti-inflammatory that can make that claim. The anti-inflammatory market is over $65 billion and growing. Ampion will make it grow even faster.

      Then there is the channel 9 news video of Norm Johnson telling how Ampion changed his life.

      I ave heard repeated miracle stories abut Ampion.

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    • Thanks for sharing your mom's story, very encouraging, Hope she continues to do well, May God bless you and her.

    • This sounds legit. Thank you for sharing. If it was saline, any temporary pain reduction would have been diminished after a couple of days. Good luck to your mom.

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