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  • dkotanto dkotanto Dec 4, 2013 1:10 PM Flag

    About Mike

    It truly hurts me reading some of the latest post about Mike. It is without a doubt that if it wasn't for Mike, we would all be selling our shares for pennies. Mike has turned this small company to an amazing gem and we should all be thankful to him.

    Is Mike a used car salesman? NO! Do you want a CEO that is a used car salesman? NO! Mike is a no BS, straight forward guy and as transparent as you can get. A good guy with a unique character. I like that on a CEO and his good will prevail the evil that is currently fighting the stock price. We are in for the long run and we are half a way there. The stock price will take care itself , there is no doubt in my mind. If every time the stock goes down we blame the CEO, we are all foolish cry babies and very short sighted.

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    • dko... I agree with the first part of your post. Mike has done an awesome job.

      Maybe my "used car salesman" was a bit harsh. However, I do believe his highly promotional nature - great it making something out of nothing, or for taking something off the radar into the mainstream (which he has done with AMPE) - may not be the best to bring the company to the promised land.

      I also agree that if every time the stock goes down we blame the CEO, then we are foolish. I think its more about the stock not going up - or being ANYWHERE near where it should be - at ANY time, EVER. Things (especially stocks) will go up and down. There will be advances and set-backs, good and bad. Not all of it (or even some of it) is the CEO's fault. But to NEVER have the company EVER come ANYWHERE near what should be its market value, is a HUGE flaw. To be discounted some by the market - hey, it happens. To suffer a loss of value. To have ups and downs... it all happens. But to have one of the top football teams on earth, but to not apply to play in the NFL, or in front a national audience, is just foolish.

      Again... you are right... Macaluso has been truly awesome and done what few others could possibly have done. I myself took a small company from nothing to $250M in no time. Went public. And made the same mistakes that AMPE is making now. I was one of the only people who could have done what I did. But I was the wrong guy to move it beyond that. Maybe the same holds true here... or else I'm just projecting my personal failure onto someone else.

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      • The only way to achieve "market value" is to put it on the block and sell it--that would be true market value--what a willing buyer would pay.

        So until that time we can beat up all the guys that are creating the market value. Free market in the sense that no one is making anyone hold shares here. Some of us do believe in the product and more importantly, the management.

        Bios are very slow to move, nature of the beast in conjuction with the FDA--this company appears to have established an excellent FDA relationship, so congrats to the management on that enormous feat.

        . I still believe that only the whales get to move product to market effectively and that the company should be sold to move the product forward to distribution as quickly as possible. The financial market in America is as rigged as they get. This small company will not be allowed to move this product line forward on a solo basis. That is not the way "they" set up the game.

        Greed kills.....

      • OK, so what happened to your company? Was it taken over or did you run out of money?

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