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  • ri66 ri66 Apr 17, 2014 12:56 AM Flag

    Why Ampio, why now, why not!

    Your contributions and critical remarks welcome:

    This is a company that can now bring relief to many that suffer with an as yet untreatable condition.

    Arthritis hurts......Steroids- naw, pain injections- nope, cartilage grafting- hell no, joint replacement/drainage- just a bandaid, Stem cells- 15 years out... The OAK study was as stated very early in trial design the easiest to facilitate by using the knee and in my view will have much broader application in the other hugely profitable and untreatable osteo arthritis/inflammatory areas. I am no scientist but I am a researched investor and have been on to these guys for some time now.

    Treatment for Acute Macular Degeneration and DME (diabetic macular edema)
    This stuff works, and is oral so it doesn't require an injection in the eye like current treatment that doesn't really work, basically a no brainer, so here it is...
    the pipeline......

    Ampio has almost 70 million give or take in the bank
    the price has been cut in half lately
    trial outcomes to be published in just over a month
    Manufacturing facility and guaranteed supply of "product"
    other intriguing assets like: Luoxis, Zertane spinnoff cash in the bank,
    We have two large investment banks ready to tell the story of this great company
    The bio sector selloff has really made a large offer from big pharma likely
    The stock obviously has a loyal shareholder base and increasing volumes and institutional ownership with few insider selling.

    So where is the bad news?
    I dare somebody to roll out a list of bad news items even remotely like the brief list of positives above. If a list of negatives is not forthcoming then my investment thesis is soon to be proven in price, as that is where Super said the proof was, in the price so it must be the case. What do you say to this Improv, Steve, and the other nare-do-wells who would dare to shed false light on my bright and shining star....

    We'll see, we shall see....

    Thanks to suite8571 for a correction.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • "Your contributions and critical remarks welcome" Anybody whose spent any time on this board knows that remark is pure BS

    • You need to look at the stem cell studies seriously. They are already in CLINICAL use in the US. A simple google and reading a few papers is pretty simple. So is a query at clinicaltrials -dot- gov. Physicians believe that SC therapy on a routine basis is 3-5 yrs. Ampion has a window for OA injections, but it is hardly going to be the first-line therapy for the entire OA market.

      Ampion will work for KL3 and KL4. That is the only market number that has real meaning. Cheaper PRP already exists for lesser forms. More limited markets for special applications are being pursued, but that *potential* revenue is years off, so cannot add to present value.

      Optina might work, but DME is crowded with several alternative, non-invasive treatments now in clinical trial. Which is why professional analysts do not assign it much net-present-value. Again, all this is documented in the peer-reviewed literature.

      But, the company is clearly undervalued just on KL3 and KL4 market revenue.

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      • I would say Bill that Ampio's cost for product and manufacturing in house is a tremendous advantage to keep costs down on both Ampion and Optina, and should make the application of Ampion much wider in use than just the top pain scale knee arthritis KL3 and KL4. Seriously, the top tier pain thresholds were chosen in a knee trial to verify the efficacy in an already FDA modeled pain threshold to speed up the trial. Arthritis ELSEWHERE of the hip, shoulders etc., is painful and untreatable for the most part. Stem cells are widely studied and in clinical use for protein base cell regeneration and organ/cartilage is still quite a ways off through the FDA trial process, quite a ways off Bill. I will take your advice and read more on these subjects, thanks for pointing me to a site to read up. I noticed on my post above that nobody has refuted yet a long list of good stuff I rolled out.

        I want to prove this investment thesis is correct and time will tell...

    • "and the other nare-do-wells who would dare to shed false light on my bright and shining star...." Wow, and I thought this was simply an equity investment, not the love of your life.

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