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  • ampereviewer ampereviewer Apr 18, 2014 12:17 AM Flag

    Imprv - scam artist

    I earlier said I didn't think you were brain dead but now I'm not sure if you think anyone should believe you when you say are not short, being paid by the shorts or working with the shorts, but are long the stock and argue it will trade to 50 cents. Ridculous.

    I believe your conduct should be brought to the attention of Finra or the SEC.

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    • blame it on improv! He bacame nasty! He's mad because Ampio didn't drop to 5 cents or whatever #@%^ number he predicted!

    • I am not arguing it will trade to .50 or any figure for that matter just offer an opinion, like your own, based on what I think the technical are indicating. Its a take it or leave it kind of thing. You can believe whatever you've convinced yourself of based on suppositions. YOU don't strike me as one who lets facts or anything else for that matter intrude on your world view. I've been accused of ignoring the fundamentals. I won't reiterate what been said but In my view their are no fundamentals besides hope that the clinical trails will prove to be as successful as many on this board already believe they will be. I truly hope you all are not disappointed. However in my view fundamentals consist of a product you can sell and a revenue stream from selling it. until that time. this is a faith based investment. My investment is a simple bet that they will succeed but I am well aware it is faith and hope that's why its called a bet and this most assuredly is a gamble. Faith and hope cannot support the valuations that some of the dreamers toss out there the current price is reflecting the current realities., what is! not what we wish it might be, current reality is no news and no product. and you flatter me if you think my conduct is so influential on the markets as to be worthy of either of those two organizations. LOL,The SEC is laughable they did nothing as Bernie Madoff stole millions. You think the gov't will protect investors and that whatever I might say can shape the markets. LOL,You are grounded in reality

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      • Imprv you are again showing your true colors as a short tout. You have never addressed fundamentals. Only your" it's going lower because it is" b.s. When shamed into discussing fundamentals your answer is fundamentals "consist of a product you can sell and a revenue stream from selling it." Since Ampio is a pre revenue bitoech it has no fundamentals and "I see .50c as possible."

        You can't be so ignorant as to ignore the hundreds of publically traded biotechs, techs, and other start ups which are pre product but whose goal is to create and commercialize product, and have billion dollar valuations based on market perception of their potential to create revenue. As Th3k33points out the definition of fundamental value is often a reflection of the value of the technology being developed. Only a short tout would ignore this most basic of market dynamics.

        In response to the suggestion that your conduct should be reported to the SEC, instead of denying that you work with the shorts, you answer that the SEC is laughable and "you think the gov't will protect investors".

        Fortunately I think this board sees you for what you truly are.

      • imprvng: You state - "However in my view fundamentals consist of a product you can sell and a revenue stream from selling it."

        I have spent many years advising and educating people regarding fundamental value for a development-stage bio-tech company. Many, if not most of these "investors" - including a number of experienced venture capitalists - had been embarrassed in presentations by bio-tech companies, when they asked questions such as "When do you expect to see revenues and sales?" Most often the answers (from these bio-techs) was "Never."

        Very many of these bio-techs take new discoveries and technologies, prove the concept and develop the technology to a point where it can sold. Big pharma has been reducing their R&D budgets and yet have many drugs coming off of patent and need to re-fill their pipeline through acquiring technologies in development. These pharma firms have the sales and distribution networks, and in many cases it makes little sense for small bio-techs to try to replicate their networks for one or two drugs. This is quite often the market and business model for bio-techs. "Products you can sell and a revenue stream from selling it" is very often just not in the cards, not in the plan.

        Thus under your definition of fundamentals, none of these bio-techs would have any "fundamental" value. However, if you recognize and understand the business model, the definition of fundamental value is often a reflection of the value of the technology being developed. Certainly eventual sales and the market size enter into that equation. However, a fundamental value can be attributed well before there is a product and sales resulting therefrom

        I am not saying that AMPE fits within this category of bio-tech, but it certainly has a number of those elements relating to its fundamental value analysis. Comparable values given to others similarly situated is a decent starting point.

      • You're kidding, right? Most Biotechs are pre-revenue and many fail. What you always fail to discuss are the positive developments that likely will lead to Ampion's approval and commercial sales.

        You're a fraud.

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