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  • kriscokid395 kriscokid395 Feb 5, 2013 11:13 AM Flag

    Nice Insider Trading -

    This company is coming along nicely. Showing strong insider purchases. Even at the discount price it shows a firm belief in the company and the products it offers.

    No insider would ever put money into something that is not up-and-coming for big success.

    Updates provided by STWA site is well worth the time to signup for..

    Keeping the faith and always Long Strong and Having Fun With Zero..

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • Sure they would. The thing can tank to .25 and they could still break even. There are also the 150 million undisclosed shares in float you ignore lube. Those are being sold off thru Tajas at $1 each. You think it's not worthwhile to buy 800 grand of shares (when the company needs money anyways.. kill 2 birds with one stone) while selling millions of shares at $1? Fact is, it show no-one else is willing to invest in this company buying a placement at a value ZERO would be forced to list at. Choice is company folds, gravy train thru Tajas ends, or invest a little while backdooring millions.

      How about you go to my other thread with the Cecil interview Lube. Explain to me why in even 2009 he was still pumping the Electra and where that is right now.. I won't even touch his 'profitability' lie.. just where this device is he was going to start selling like the AOT.

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      • P.S. Lube, where did the 80 or so million spent over the last decade go? If as I pointed out in Kytes interview, in 2009 he was still ONLY focused on the Elektra, that would mean the AOT wasn't even being thought about then. So what did he blow of investors money up until the point he realized it was either put up or shut up on the Elektra, that it was all a lie, he couldn't produce anything, and that he needed to change the focus and have a new 'device' to keep the sham going? 50? 60 million? Where did that all vaporize? Does he not OWE previous investors an explanation of where all that money went? How in gods name could that have been spent with NOTHING to show????? Wonder if any ended up in 'ol Kytes pocket eh Lube? And you wonder how or WHY he would cough up more dough to buy options, at 1/4 of the going rate to keep this thing dragging on? Are you so clueless or just part of the sham? You cheer on this incompetence (at the best it would be called that)?

        "coming along nicely".. ya... for Kyte.. and anyone else that considers blowing 80 mil on nothing, lying about it all, changing direction 100% and not explaining why is "coming along nicely".

        When they run out of money and close the doors, is anyone gonna go after them to check if it all was real? Not a chance.. 80 million.. god almighty... and you wonder why they would buy in to keep it going.. LOL! BUILDING a pipeline is around 2mil per KM. Try to divide up what was spent on Elektra, and what was spent on AOT and tell me any of it makes sense. They have ONE supposed prototype for AOT.. what that cost.. 10-20 mil? LOL! Where are all the Elektra prototypes or retail units? He said they were going on sale in 2010 and the company would be profitable.. Where is that all Lube? An ex-airline pilot running the company.. He said in that interview the original guy was basically "run out of town", yet they are still paying him.. How much LUBE?
        I guess the statement about a sucker born every minute is true... And luckily so for Kyte!

        Sentiment: Strong Sell

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