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  • sfpooch sfpooch Feb 12, 2013 12:05 PM Flag

    Don't panic

    I think some traders are trying to cause a panic to pick up stocks cheap. Hiring a law firm with oil experience is due diligence. Good law firms aren't cheap. Good law firms exercise due diligence about their clients because they expect to be paid for their services.

    NEW ORLEANS, December 6, 2011--Jones Walker ranked in the top tier of law firms in the Metropolitan Rankings among firms listed in The U.S. News & World Report rankings. The firm also had national rankings in Banking & Finance Law, International Trade & Finance Law, and in Litigation.--Environmental.

    "The 2011-2012 U.S. News & World Report rankings are a testament to the firm's stature among national law firms. We provide exceptional legal services across a wide range of practices," said Managing Partner William H. Hines. "These rankings also reflect our strength and depth across the Gulf South, as well as our growth in new markets," he added. With the recent addition of lawyers from Watkins Ludlam in Mississippi, we also added their remarkable rankings to our firm's reputation," he continued.

    So ZERO is a small company with a big time law firm and hopefully a big time future.

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    • Not cheap for a law firm? really? ZERO has no cash, no cash flow so you think this is a good sign? ZERO has also never posted or clarified it's deal with Temple. If Temple owns EVERY SINGLE PATENT on this device, should it not be important what that arrangement is? Why isn't Temple the one protecting the patents? This release means nothing, much like every release they put out. I could have a patent on anything.. absolutely ANYTHING I make up one morning.. doesn't mean it is commercially viable, doesn't even need to work. I can also hire a law firm to 'protect' the patent... they gonna turn down my money? Again, doesn't mean any of it works. Just more fluff and BS from this company. What is amusing is you guys instead of worrying about the secrecy and vagueness from this company actually cheer it on instead of demanding some transparency.

      Either someone playing the pump 'n dump decided it had run it's course and is exiting, or the insiders are liquidating a big block of their undisclosed shares into the volume they hoped this "news release" would generate. This always happens on a release with this company, only this time there was not enough buy volume to support it... pretty simple.

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      • willsmith217 Feb 20, 2013 1:28 PM Flag

        The company will do fantastic - Keep the stock for atleast 3 years. It will split a few times.......... If you purchased when it was below .50 cents, you will really look good, financially, in the near future. That's my opinion.............. but it's an informed opinion

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      • willsmith217 Feb 20, 2013 1:21 PM Flag

        this is actually a strong buy and a good hold (3 - 5 years). Anyone, in my opinion who like to cause a negative stir is either attempting to drive the price down in order to make it more affordable for themselves and possibly others, whom they know, can benefit also. But the truth is ZERO is a strong buy and it's best to buy right now before it goes through the roof

    • agreed, in my opinion all of these moves within the last two months are moves of a company that will be growing rapidly...

      Long Strong and Having Fun with Zero!

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