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  • kriscokid395 kriscokid395 May 17, 2013 5:01 PM Flag

    1.130.08(+7.62%)3:58 PMEDT Nice Jump

    Not that a couple of days increase is anything to ring the bell about, but ZERO seems to be making all the right moves. Freshly rolled out actual product , European road show, NDA's with large oil companies, China deals possibly waiting till next year or sooner, experienced attorney teams , nice amount of on-hand cash. Look for a large surprise up to August. This thing has a heart-beat all it's own and it's getting stronger. Very surprised we did not have a pull-back today. Somebody knows something I don't.

    Like my heart beat following this stock I'm long STRONG and having fun with Zero!

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • Part of the pump and dump. Was expected. This is all the company does, all it ever produces is value for insiders through stock sales.
      - They have no product, even state themselves it is not proven and may not be commercially viable.
      - European road show is more fluff to get small investors excited. This company does everything they can to avoid verifiable business in North America.
      - NDA's, another joke to hide the fact they are not talking to anyone. Maybe Krisco can post another company in the oil sector that has a news release out claiming NDA's.. ridiculous.
      - No China deals. Not one company they supposedly dealt with is verifiable. Fake NR.
      - Experienced attorney team.. big deal.. who doesn't? How did this help them on any of the other 9 products?
      - Cash to disappear as they blow through it and repay all the outstanding owning to insiders and management. Also a result of massive dilution, with more to come.
      - Look to August? Why do you post this cr@p Lube? None of your predictions have come true on this. Just more baseless pumping. But since August is th etraditional time stocks sell off, I wouldn't doubt a bunch of fluff NR's by this pump and dump.

      It is obvious Krisco is a paid pumper/JT the paid insider pumper. HIdes under his rock while stock drops, comes out only when the pump is on to tray and spread more lies. Any reader can simply look at the history of this company.

      Sentiment: Strong Sell

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      • I truly apologize that ZERO seems to be going against your most hopeful wishes. Insisting that I'm a pumper is most delightful since I am the farthest thing from a pumper.

        I'm a small Midwest businessman that has been pretty lucky picking stocks over the years like F at $1.00, FITB at $1.03, AAPL at $12.00, DRIV at $5.00, NFLX $52.00, need I go on, or do you want another stock tip? I do have others but none have been quite as fun as ZERO..

        Are you that blind to this stock? In my opinion ZERO is a revolutionary stock that stands to change the entire industry. As with any stock risk are abundant, but the reward is quite a bit more abundant.

        Your continued unsubstantiated statements regarding me are not appreciated. If I'm an insider than please let me know what you consider and insider? Would that be someone who purchased the stock? Please be specific about the lies that I have told, putting them in writing would certainly help me in other ways.

        As I stated before you continue to be your own worst enemy when it comes to knocking ZERO. Your continued slant on them is just making me Long Strong and Having Fun With Zero.

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

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