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    STWA has proven the AOT WORKS WITH INCREDIBLE RESULTS; based on all of the actual FORMAL PUBLISHED data by the Federal Government's Department of Energy, or "DOE"; (who ran many tests on the AOT on a pipeline at the Rocky Mountain Oilfield testing center); The PRCI (Pipeline Research Council International-made up of the World's Largest Oil Companies) who, once they came to see the lab tests in person were "sold" so much that they decided to fund the tests of the AOT; and Dr. Tao the head of Temple University's Psychics Department who has written "the book" on the subject, literally. The U.S. National Institute of Standards and Technology and PetroChina (CNPC) / China Petroleum Pipeline Bureau (CPP). Each of the studies and tests have independently confirmed the efficacy of AOT for the reduction of crude oil viscosity. Who's word should one take in evaluating the efficacy of the AOT, some random dude on a message board, or the independent official sources I just listed. The choice for myself, and for others, is easy.

    In my opinion, the AOT works so well that it cuts through oil (reduces it's viscosity) like a hot knife through butter. And in my opinion, is worth Billions (with a "B") to the oil industry all over the world. The test results speak for themselves; test results of the AOT have yielded an 87% viscosity reduction, and it was on some of the thickest crude oil in the world in China.

    It is also my opinion that Save the World Air, Inc. is on the cusp of bringing this valuable technological device known as the AOT (Applied Oil Technology) to the oil industry who from what I can tell, -WANT THIS- (STWA is under 7 NDA's currently) because it will save them Billions. And will therefor, MAKE them BILLIONS. The FIRST Commercial AOT device has JUST been completed and weighs 20 tons. It is finally ready for commercial application and use, and finally available to be put in the hands of the oil industry.

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