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  • rjcolapietro rjcolapietro Jun 27, 2013 1:53 AM Flag

    Common Sense...

    Why would a person spend all their time bashing a stock? Cons_Have_Knee_Burnz obviously has his own agenda. If he wasn't interested in the stock, why look it up, why post? ZERO is a strong buy at $1.10 . Please don't waste your time reading his post, Thank You.

    Kriscokid knows what he's talking about, very knowledgeable.

    Sentiment- buy until you can't buy anymore! you'll be living in South Beach or wherever you'd like for that matter

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • Why is it a 'strong buy'? For what reason? How much do the units cost? what is the margin? What are the sales?
      FAct is, this is a simple pump and dump. NO reason for it to have htis valuation. NO reason for the pump volume the last month, and now for it to die out if it wasn't manipulated.
      FACT IS, this company would rather spend 150,000$ and 50,000 shares to an email pump company, and a "european vacation" instead of attending a WORLD oil expo, or the last expo in MOntana, or any other one. Why is that? strong buy? I think not. Rn for the hills.

      Sentiment: Strong Sell

    • Amen!

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