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  • cons_have_knee_burnz cons_have_knee_burnz Jul 9, 2013 12:19 PM Flag


    "was a Nasdaq listed company..." for almost every job.. Lol! So I guess the companies are no longer listed then and he was CFO for a number of failures.. He should fit in well with stwa since they are nothing BUT failures... But hey.. He held a few positions at Kinko's rotflmao!!!

    yes.. Certainly worthy of adding 10 or 15 mil market cap to this dog.. Reading this companies nr's is pure comedy. They even mention how many they have had in this revolving door company like it's something worth mentioning.. Lol!!!!!

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    • Mr. Stubbs currently serves as Chief Financial Officer for London Stock Exchange listed BBA Aviation's Aftermarket Services Division, a leading global aviation services and aftermarket support provider. BBA Aviation's (BBA Aviation PLC (BBA.L) is currently at $289.90. Mr. Stubbs is the perfect man for the job at STWA (ZERO).

      Why would a company ADD a member on "The Board" if the company was in decline, or knew that in the upcoming months the share price was going to tank. Come on it's common sense. If a company is hurting they lay off employees, if their successful or see success in the upcoming future, they HIRE employees. It's all common sense.

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      • Where he works is a DIVISION of so don't lie. It is not listed, the parent company is. And who cares what the pps is. Do you even comprehend things like float, dilution, or market cap? Obviously you don't understand what 'revenue' is. Why is he 'perfect'? Because like everyone else at the company he has ZERO experience in the field?
        You think companies hire based on what their share price is? Zero investors really are a special bunch. On every one of the other 8 board members this company had, did the company turn profitable or magically rise? This company has added board members all along when they knew their contracts were lies, and their devices did not work. They just want you dipwads to think the company is still moving forward so they can sell their stock and make millions. Ask Cecil if he saw success in 2009 when he said the company would be profitable off the Elektra but instead sold ZERO.
        oh ya.. It's They're'.

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