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  • cons_have_knee_burnz cons_have_knee_burnz Sep 26, 2013 11:02 AM Flag

    Another fluff NR

    Seriously.. I'm surprised these guys don't put out an NR when they pay a utility bill on their offices.

    "Leading Developer of Oil Pipeline Flow Efficiency Technologies" - Really? "leading"? How so? maybe DocDUH can enlighten us on this.

    "provide shareholders with greater insight into the commercial potential " - "potential".. love how they always use these words.. maybe, could, should, POTENTIALLY... lol!

    "with oil transportation companies seeking energy efficient solutions to overcome pipeline capacity challenges" - Yet one of their "case studies", the Alaska line, is bogus because the line isn't anywhere near capacity. All the pie-in-the-sky numbers are just that.

    "The Company's intellectual property portfolio includes 47 domestic and international patents and patents pending" - YAY ZEFs!! Magnets RULE!. Funny how they always tuck this in between sentences talking about the AOT isn't it? When 95% of them are for other things.

    "AOT™ has been independently verified and tested by numerous third party entities such as the United States Department of Energy. Test reports and related links are available on the Company's website." - "numerous"? The entire statement is an outright lie since STWA did the testing, so it was hardly independent. And the DOE didn't do any testing, STWA simply rented a faility, the RMOTC facility FROM the DOE who happens to own it.. but hey, wording it like that sounds SO MUCH BETTER doesn't it? But they mention "numerous" so I am curious who all these other independent testers are? And why after 15 years of NEVER doing independent testing, but rather AVOIDING it, would this be any different?

    Quite simply, it isn't any different...

    Sentiment: Strong Sell

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