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  • zerosum2013 zerosum2013 Nov 22, 2013 1:41 PM Flag


    Between "cons" and all of the other bashers on this board I've heard so much verbal diarrhea it makes me sick. These fear mongering bashers are still out there trying to sway people with negative propaganda and lies after all this time. Listen, it's so clear to everyone out there; we all know WHO you are. We know EXACTLY WHO YOU ARE. Oh Yes, by now the word has spread you represent the drag chemical companies trying to bad mouth STWA because STWA's AOT is about to put the last nail your environmentally harmful chemical company coffin. Because why else would Sano, and pumpers dumper and all the others and you two idiots been hanging around STWA's message boards for YEARS NOW with not a dime at stake in the company. The word is out on you two (actually the group of you), and EVERY investor knows WHO you are, and WHAT YOU ARE UP TO. So go ahead and keep spewing that #$%$ out of your mouth. YOU WILL NOT BE SUCCESSFUL IN YOUR EFFORTS OF TRYING TO SCARE ANYONE OUT OF THEIR INVESTMENT. You know what else find's it's level? #$%$. And you're neck deep in it. So don't be surprised you find your self in court with a lawsuit against slapped against your lying #$%$.

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    • I must side with cons on this entire thread. He's bringing facts of failure to the thread, others here are not. Just dreams of hitting it big.

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    • Here is what Michael Whelan, DIRECTOR, RESEARCH OPERATIONS at PRCI had to say when I called him on STWA, about DRA now that zerodumb brings it up:

      "You know there’s not a… not a case where your not gonna get an environmental permit unless you try something that really offers a step function improvement.. this isn’t that sort of case.. their either gonna save some electricity costs.. or their gonna avoid some drag reducing agent. It’s really one or the other.."
      "The drivers for aren’t compelling enough in my opinion.."

      But this tool, zerodumb, wants you to think now that we have gone from "paid bashers", to now reps from a DRA company.. and outr "bashing" on message boards will convince these big pipeline companies not to buy this thing if it is legitimate.. lol.. what a clown. It's obvious to see this person is suffering from sever delusions. "AS-I-SEE-IT" once stated in a thread on iHub, easily searched, basiclaly "who are you gonna believe.. Michael Whelan of the PRCI, or PumperDumper".. yes AISI.. who are you gonna believe? Micheael Whelan "pre-AOT-testing" when he was fed the cool-aid from STWA, or Michael Whelan "POST testing the AOT" when he saw what it was really about? I have the transcript of my call. Shall I post it again zerodumb? Or are you too scared of reality?

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    • Typical pumper. Can't fight the facts, so fight the messenger. Anyone who doesn't know zerodumb, he's a guy that will post ad-naseum without a single iota of the message based on anything to do with the company. Watch and see. He's now just an angry bagholder who is mad that for YET A THIRD TIME he has watched his supposed riches come in, and then watched them go out as the PPS dwindles back down with no interest in this other than himself and his merry band of losers... that and the fact the "bashers" always seem to be right, and he wrong.

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    • ZEROSUM...Are you aware of how emotionally fragile you appear to be!

    • Hi zerosum,

      I am glad to see someone else here who has a clear understanding of what is going on and is able to convey it to those who read this message board.

      I have been on this board since approximately June of 2011.

      I have consistently cheered this company to be a long term hold way back when the prices where in the .30 cents rage. Since then, those who had invested and held currently have an unrealized profit of anywhere from 200% or more.

      I am here to cheer others to continue to buy and hold... It is a time that you must be BOLD!

      If you would have read and believed the ''SKY IS FALLING'' tactics that these clown naysayers were using then ... you should be looking to kick there as-trick mark now!

      I am as confident as ever that the stock price will have another reboot gain of 200%-300% or more from where it is today ($1.08 at 2.25pm)!
      Soon enough, many new investor will want to be standing in the current line of folks who are THANKFUL that they chose to be lead by my words of speculations vs the cons who frequent this message board with their doom and gloom.

      If you folks have the ability to invest and be BOLD to hold..... YOU REALLY SHOULD!!

      Thank you for your support ZEROSUM. I am ALWAYS grateful that you or other members of the bigger and more popular boards are keeping another open eye here on YAHOOOOO$$$$$$ message board!!!!!

      Best wishes to All and good luck on the CHOICES that you have and MAKE!

      Seriously, if any of you are too scared to invest because you read the doom and gloom naysayers... You really do not need to be here in this investment... I would recommend that you invest in the makers of ''DEPENDS UNDERGARMENTS''.... because there are a #$%$-load of investors who will, some future day, JOYFULLY ''#$%$'' themselves!

      One more time....I SPECULATE that this stock will soar into the HUNDREDS of dollars a share.

      Date and Mark my words!

    • Oh, one more little thing... "STWA's AOT is about to put the last nail your environmentally harmful chemical company coffin." So I guess hydraulic fracturing and drilling is environmentally safe??? OMG you are killing me here.. LOL!!! help I can't breath BWAAAhahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!! You can't make this #$%$ up!!!!

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      • Ya.. he is quite the tool.. all these guys think that moving more oil, and burning more oil and releasing more carbon into the atmosphere with that extra oil moved outweighs the electricity the company will supposedly saves on a pump.. lol! They are to dense to understand the DRA is separated after transport, recycled and shipped back to the origin to be used again. They do as little research as possible, because they fear what they will find.. simple as that.

        But all these clowns also think that all pipelines use diesel powered pumps.. or heat their lines.. Michael Whelan from the PRCI had NEVER HEARD of a pipeline being heated by burning NG... I can provide his exact quote.. maybe I will do a wav of his laughter when I asked on that.. And up in Alberta, I have never seen anything other than electrically driven pumps. But conveniently STWA uses the Alaska Pipeline as an example, because they do use diesel.. But the laughable part about that is, is that the pipeline is RUNNING BELOW CAPACITY so is in no need of any help. Honestly, these supposed "long" "investors" are a real joke with how little they know.

      • ok, i take back my previous statement that you are not a basher because you are obviously another fool who thinks they can scare people. The AOT is indeed about wipe out your little DRAG chemical company. I can't wait to dance on your grave! :)

    • If your talking about me I'm not a basher. I bought this then decided to sell it because I don't believe it's a good investment. They haven't made any money since their inception in February 1998. If you like it you can keep it, buy as much as you want I could care less it's your money. As for me I would rather invest in a company that has something to show after 16 years of business. Good luck.

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      • If you sold, you are a basher.. If you use your brain, you are a basher.. If you breath through your nose, you are a basher. If you wish to do research, and actually ask questions, you are not only a basher, but are either Gary D., a paid basher working for a company to depress this good company, or now work for a DRA company.

        zerodumb has "DRAG" on his mind because he just cannot get over how great that Liza and Joan Rivers drag queens were at his local bar last night.

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      • I will! Thank you very much :) in fact I bought more today. I love this company and I know it will soon be one of the rarest success stories out there. EVER. A major multi-billion dollar oil company Like TransCanada, Inc. doesn't just put something like STWA's AOT Applied Oil Technology on one of their pipelines with so much at stake! Let alone on one of their Flagship pipelines, one of the most important pipelines in the USA going right into Cushing O.K.; The Keystone XLII pipeline. Have some vision man! It's taken a long time but you're about to miss the ride of a lifetime. This stock, on just this one contract will easily be at $7 to $10; ON ONE CONTRACT. I've done the valuation estimates. And they have 7 NDA's in place! Any of them can and will pop any minute! And with their Annual shareholder meeting only 3 weeks away, well, let's just say I would NOT be betting on the short side. The management said to me personally and the last Shareholder meeting last year we would all be high fiving each other at this years meeting. I don't think they will be going into this years meeting with the stock at $1.08! or even $1.50.

        oh and ps., I wasn't talking about you....peace and best of luck :)

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