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  • twrichter33 twrichter33 Feb 6, 2014 4:05 PM Flag

    WOW I'm confused!!

    This company had RECORD Sales, Revenue, and profits, and it still falls cuz they didn't make earnings...... So you get hit with a big tax bill, you VOLUNTARILY pay 20 million down on your loans, diversify your company to where it has never been before and the market wants to punish you.
    I am at a loss why a company who has 130 million in the bank (record for this company) has upped its marginal profits year over year for the last 2 to 3 years and is in its best position its been in for over 10 years is sitting at $12 a share.
    Institutions own 98% of this stock, insiders are buying like crazy, PT is upwards of $6 higher than todays close. The only thing I guess I see is Management is punishing its shareholders..........

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    • twit, no confusion on the markets part. fourth quarter sales are UP $43 mil from fourth quarter 2012 and gross margin is DOWN $2 mil. Not rocket science, if you are confused by this, maybe you should get out of the market. All the spin from management can't change the facts, in spite of their "internal forecasts".

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      • Shoot I'm sorry I just saw your name it's got 2 #$%$.k,s in it..... Now it makes sense

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      • Hey a.s,s, Dry van sales have lower margins which was a big part of 4th quarter. I used to work in trucking industry. I know WNC well. They are more diversified than any trailer manufacturer in the industry. This company traded at $36 a share when it was only the Lafayette facility! They are the worlds largest provider and as spread out in the market as they are my guess is strongest trailer manufacturer in the world.
        From having to borrow 22 million 4 years ago to make payroll to having 100 million in the bank whilst buying 2 tanker building companies in the process, says a lot for the business model and the management! Volunteering to pay an extra 20 million per quarter to pay down debt is just financial responsibility beyond any in today's world. If our government would work like this America would be so much stronger.
        We are in the largest cyclical event for trailer manufacturing in history with trailers avg. age on the road being 8 years old, and certain places not allowing anything over 10 years onto their property....... So the next 3 years will be consistent growth.
        And lastly if institutional investors didn't see this potential, then why do they own 98% of the stock?? Think I know what I'm talking about. And too many people are stuck on a number of .15...... How do they figure the numbers when they say .23 and x amount of $,but a company BEATS the x amount on become and miss by .08 cents...... Really??????

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    • Don't be confused. Earnings came in below analysts' expectations for the 3QTR, then again in the 4QTR, while 1QTR is typically a slow month for them due to seasonal factors.

      Earnings in FY13 were below FY12 and may be modestly higher in 2014. Given the state of the current market, is anyone surprised that institutions sold first and asked questions later?

      I'm bullish for trailer manufacturing in general - the business is clearly there - what has most concerned is probably WNC's level of profitability relative to where the shares were trading earlier in the year.

      Buying in the 11s for a 6-12+ month pull would probably work out OK.


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