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  • yespsd11 yespsd11 Dec 3, 2012 3:33 PM Flag

    SHOULD WE SELL or hold

    I am getting nervous not due to this company's potential and future but ISM was lowest since 2009 and are we getting back to recesion Should we get out all manufacturing companies ??? Is this financial cliff causing this ???? My mistake I bought this based on my broker recommedation at very high price and now i have been holding . I bought into fundamental and opportunity for the future but no activties and no PR from inevestment relationship and no news for this company now making me nervous and I am at the point where I should fire my broker and sell this stock and take my loss and have peace ..............really tired of bleeding every day

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    • Next month this time it should be at least around $67 level. The stock price is due for a rise. The company is growing their revenues, not shrinking them. The stock price will reflect the growth.

    • longs can u tell me what do u think of this stock to be hold here ...Do u see this is going back to high 60 soon or u think this one is dead as stock price is indicating .... I know lot of money managers out there has this one in their holdings and I am sure they have taken same hit as me .... it is really sad to see no PR from Investor relationship and nor any way to show more interest ....we are at 52 week low

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      • My first advice to you is to never listen to a broker. Never. Never.

        Next, GTLS has a large backlog is a very hot mkt segment, but they have proven too many times that their mgmt is suspect. Anytime a company has a full backlog, they shd be able to manage that backlog, and their costs, to be very predictable.

        GTLS has failed at this, so it's easy to start to doubt their ability to deliver on their potential.

        I have made a small fortune on GTLS, having first bot after Macondo at 20. I got out a few times, and back in, on the volatility. I have learned that price drops, for whatever reason, are buying opps. I never hold too much at new highs, I was out, but but a small amt at 71, thinking they would make last Q numbers. My bad!

        But, I added a lot at 58, and I'll hold till it gets back to 75. it will get back. It's just a matter of time. I would like to see 75 in Q1, but there are a lot of variables. At 75, I'll sell 1/2, and hedge 1/2.

        But never sell a big drop of a solid company. GTLS may have questionable mgmt quality, but it's a very solid company.

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