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  • el_capitan_of_the_club el_capitan_of_the_club Oct 31, 2013 2:05 PM Flag

    Why weren't there any warning?

    A huge miss like this did not happen in the last week of the quarter. The market punishes dishonest companies like this very heavily. I hope that the GTLS folks are reading this board. Next time, get your #$%$ together and manage the market and investor sentiment. What happened is simply unacceptable.

    Sentiment: Hold

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    • GTLS is getting back to where I sold, after buying at 58. My question is why did it get to 130??

      First, to the question of a warning, companies are under no requirement to warn in advance of their quarterly reports. GTLS is run by engineers, you get what you pay for.

      Next, the anal est for 2014 earnings was at 4.40 90 days ago. At 130, you have a leading PE of 30. GTLS is a capital equipment company, maybe in a hot area, but still capital intensive. Plus, they have shown a propensity to miss the estimates. I thot 100 was a great number, and got out before that.

      The 2014 est are now down to 4.14. IMO, at a 25 multiple, 100 is a hi end for the stock.

      My re-entry for GTLS would be under 95, maybe less. I'm not in love with technology or anything, I'm in love with cheap stocks. GTLS, at 100, is not cheap.

      BTW, I did get into GEOS at 69 and 70 after their last ER, it was cheap then, but is not cheap now. However, it is selling at a 15 multiple based on 2014 est EPS. If that gets to 20, or if the est go down, I'm out of that too.

      At the current prices, neither GTLS or GEOS are cheap. I see GEOS as having another 10-15 bucks of upside, and GTLS having 10 bucks of downside risk.

      JMO, GL, and I'll be in GTLS with you if it gets below 95.

    • I must be missing something....the results were not all that bad. I don't understand the Market dropping their price 20%! Thank goodness I had a stop on my shares.

    • LOL....Don't worry, they miss all the time and a month later they hit new all-time highs. This is getting repeated all over the markets.

      As long as the Fed keeps propping up the markets to cover up all the disaster policies of Hussein Obama these stocks will continue to go up.

      Just buy every dip and hold.

      One day it will all come crashing down but until then just hold your nose and BUY.

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