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    News is starting to Show!!!!

    News is starting to Show!!!!


    Holding Company with Berkshire-Hathaway Style Business Model Becomes Publicly Traded

    HENDERSON, NV -- Aug. 1, 2012 /WIRE/ -- ORION DHC, INC (OTC: OODHA) (OTC: OODH) is pleased to announce that it will begin its journey as a publicly traded company on August 15th , 2012 at 9:30 Am EST under one of two stock ticker symbols (OTC: OODHA & OODH) with an opening price of $0.65 per share.

    "The upcoming public stock offer has been a long road in the making for our company. Together, with our team, we have accomplished the goal of “Going Public” under the most humbling of circumstances," stated Chairman & CEO Randy Hoff

    For those of you who have already become shareholders ORION DHC, Inc would like to express sincere gratitude and thank you kindly for making ORION DHC, Inc a successful venture thus far. The Company plans to utilize this First Public Stock offering as its platform of continued growth, for many years to come. Although the company views this offering as an epic milestone, it still considers it only the beginning to much greater achievements for the company over the long-term.

    If you are not familiar with the company, ORION DHC, Inc is a shareholder owned holding company formed in 2008. It is exclusively modeled after a well-known holding company situated in Omaha, Nebraska called Berkshire-Hathaway, which is managed by Chairman & CEO Warren E. Buffett. The new holding company, ORION DHC, Inc is following suit with a very similar corporate structure, capital allocation methodology and asset management strategy - coupled with the four simple concepts of value investing that worked so well for Berkshire-Hathaway over the last 49 years, subsequent to the take-over of that company by Mr. Buffett and his associates.

    According to Mr. Hoff, the simple concepts are just that, simple. Below are the company's four core investment principles:

    1) We must fully understand a business before we take a financial position in that company
    2) Our investments must have a “Moat” or “Layer of Protection” from outside competition
    3) Companies chosen for our portfolio must be intrinsically “Undervalued” based on book value
    4) The companies we choose must have an able, motivated and trustworthy management team

    In addition to the above principles, the company is very frugal, which is one thing we all admire about Mr. Buffett. The Company does not give big bonuses or excessive stock options to its managers. Mr. Hoff further asserted,"We want our managers to do what they do because they love doing it while serving our shareholders."

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    About Orion Diversified Holding Co., Inc. – Est. 2008

    Orion DHC, Inc. is a holding company that actively seeks out attractive investments in the world's fastest growing sectors and utilizes time-tested value investing strategies to grow the corporate holdings. The corporation is actively pursuing licensable intellectual property, equity assets, real estate, divisions and subsidiaries in various stages of development.

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