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  • uddi_uddi_javan uddi_uddi_javan Nov 30, 2009 10:56 PM Flag

    Where Can I see my placed order?

    I am willing to sell few shares and my order is set to Sell until cancelled. I have few questions and need answers if possible.
    1)I do not see my sell order on Level II,where can I see it to know that how far behind I am in the line to sell?
    2) My order is set to sell until cancelled. Does this way it is getting closer in the line to be sold out soon or market close is taken as a cut off time and every morning orders get in line as new orders for the day?
    Serious answers please.

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    • 1. you won't be able to see it on Level II because it's OTC (over the counter) stock.
      2. You have to wait until you order gets executed. (FIFO) first in, first out. just a wal-mart line.

      It will be hard to sell it even at $0.0002, if you're looking for $0.0003-0.0005 forget about it, it may take forever unless you get some real good news.

      good Luck