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  • value_98 value_98 May 21, 2005 12:00 PM Flag

    serious money

    nice interview with CEO on ch9 last night

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    • Why don't you try a call to your local community college's business accounting professor? If he doesn't have it at his fingertips, I'll bet he can point you in the right direction, and most community colleges are eager to help. Also, you might geta good definition from SBA (Small Business Administration. It might even be on line-- try Ask Jeeves. (

    • PV - I'm sure there are some good summaries out there, but I don't know where off the top of my head. My understanding is that management, with the auditors'/accountants' review and blessing, must evaluate the source of the goodwill each quarter or year. If the value has declined, the GW is written down accordingly and the write-down goes thru income. I'm not sure what should be included in the evaluation, but a cynical view would be that the new rules provide management with the flexibility to manage the pace of amortization.

      With UMPQ's large GW balance, there is the potential for a large hit to earnings if the outside auditors or regulators have a different view about the value of the GW. I'm sure mgt has had this carefully reviewed, so the likelihood here is pretty small unless UMPQ changes auditors or the examiners get upset about something else. For general valuation purposes, you would probably want to look at tangible equity metrics instead of total equity metrics.

    • Thanks, Al, for your information about Goodwill. I haven't a clue what constitutes "Impairment" under new accounting rules. Can you direct me to a reliable source?

      Umpqua's GW is in the neighborhood of $408 million or almost 59 percent of total shareholder equity, a big number. If amortization is required, it'a going to hit earnings, no?

    • PVBUD - The March 10Q shows almost $408 million in GW on the bal sheet.

    • You mean a goodwill asset? There should be GW if purchase price exceeds book equity after all assets and liabilities are marked to market. If financials are not very detailed, the GW may be in with Other Assets.

      Finally, with new accounting rules, GW is not automatically amortized over time. It must be evaluated at least annually. Any "impairment" identified in review must be run thru income stmt.

    • What was the gist of it?

      • 1 Reply to Faye5186
      • lots of discussion about the unique "store"
        concept of retail banking-------the fact that
        the new bellevue, wa branch brackets their target physical area along I-5 from seattle
        to sacramento------discussion was long on the
        "vision" for future growth (which was fine).

        my takeaway was that this CEO is an excellent
        evangelist for their unique concept. if they
        can deliver the promised unique value-add they
        will develop a great franchise!

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