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  • pvbud pvbud Jul 8, 2008 12:47 PM Flag

    Bah, Humbug ! Investors Grow-up !

    To repeat, we have been clients and/or investors in UMPQ for over 40 years. Never, never have we lost a dime as either and, indeed, we've done well over the years.

    At the end of this difficult year, (2008) UMPQ will report respectable income all events considered and, I'm confident, they will NOT cut the present dividend.

    If anyone has to depend on another to make his/her investment decisions, they should not be in the stock market, but rather in CD's or other very conservative investment vehicles.

    Good wishes for successful long term investing ... that's at least 60 months, not 60 days.

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    • Just because you've been in UMPQ for forty years doesn't make it an investment for the next forty. It will take years for UMPQ to recover from this and there may be much better opportunities for investment than UMPQ during that period. Long term is correct, but not at the expense of smart investing.

      I would also take great exception to your statment that their troubls will be behind them in 2008. And, I think you're absolutely wrong that they won't cut dividends. Remember the regulators have enormous power and they will be telling Ray Davis what to do, not the other way around.

    • PVbud:

      As you have expressed a strong point of view; can one ask what your total per share basis is in UMPQ stock, if you currently hold a share position?


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      • Hello Pencil:
        Below are net income numbers for the years ending 2007, 2006, 2005. They are all PROFITABLE years. Year 2007 was not a great year; income was down more than 30 percent primarily due to bracing reserves, however, it was not too bad for an expanding business during national difficult times brought about by Congress and the 2 percent Fed.

        Emotion and short selling is always a factor in the Market . . . it's not for everyone. One thing. Eventually the Market for UMPQ will improve ! Be there for the ride up!

        2007 2006 2005
        Net income $63,268 $ 84,447 $ 69,735
        Merger-related expenses, net of tax 1,991 2,864 157

        Operating income $65,259 $ 87,311 $ 69,892

        Per diluted share:
        Net income $ 1.05 $ 1.59 $ 1.55
        Merger-related expenses, net of tax 0.03 0.06 -

        Operating income $ 1.08 $ 1.65 $ 1.55

      • Yes, my friend,we hold equity in UMPQ. Other than that, what is the relevance of your question?

        These are dangerous, perlous economic times enabled by our Congress and the President during 1999. However, it serves no one to degrade a successful business enterprise that has been growing for more than 50 years.

        UMPQ is making money; it's a profitable banking business operated by respectable people who have in-depth experience.

        If the stock market was without challenge
        and emotion, everyone would participate and prosper,I should think. . . Good wishes and good luck !

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