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  • pvbud pvbud Feb 18, 2009 3:44 PM Flag

    I thought UmpQ made a profit

    Could it be OB's speeches? Everytime OB gives a speech about saving people with subprime loans and "up-side-down" mortgages (at the expense of banks and tax payers) financial stocks nosedive.

    Why should we save people who re-financed to take money out of their homes year after year and now want to be "saved" from losses?

    Is there a logical person out there anyplace?

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    • I've noticed the 'Obama speech' effect. I had to vote for him at the last minute because if Sarah Palin ever runs this country, you better plan to move to any other country fast!

      I agree with a lot of the stimulus, etc, but yes, if somebody was so dumb as to think they could afford a $440,000 house on a $24,000 per year salary (as cited previously here), then darn, let them lose it!

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