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  • phoenix_paradigm phoenix_paradigm Oct 24, 2003 10:33 AM Flag

    Dacogen & CEO

    It seems in the beginning of the new year phase III data will be released and there will be a new CEO. If approved what would be a fair dollar estimate of the first year or two of sales?

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    • I used to say live and let live
      Now at 49 I say Live and let die
      The blue and white would be under the ocean if the "arabs" had it their way and make no mistake about it.
      I used to think that All you need is love but if you want to live for another day
      better back that up with some cold hard killing machine
      it's all good, those G5 events on our star were farts compared to what it can and will do some time in the next thousand years
      nothing like fried DNA to change a species attitude
      we live as if it matters we live as if we are in control we live under an illusion
      and thank the lord
      Go SUPG

    • That was a good post with some good points. OK we can agree to respectfully disagree on some points.

    • Dingo,

      I don't see any point in "debate" with you in that there is little point in filling this message board up with so-called facts, about which we disagree making any interpretation virtually impossible.

      If one wants to conclude the Israelis are right, there are plenty of wrongs on the Palestinian side and one points them out and justifies any Israeli wrong. COnversely, if one wants to conclude the Palestinians are right and the Israelis are wrong, similarly there is no shortage of material with which to make that argument. I can argue for either side but the challenge is to acknowledge wrong on both sides and work past it to find common ground. To that end, I would challenge you to state what the rights of Jewish people arein the Middle East (or what you believe they should be).

      The fact that you can find voices of dissent within Israel I take as a sign that there is more freedom of expression. Contrast that with the Palestinian celebrations after September 11th (subsequently censored).

      I think there is one thing on which we agree, neither Sharon nor Arafat are doing any good for the people they have responsibility for.
      If you take anything Arafat says at face value, particularly regarding negotiations, you haven't learned the lessons of the last 40 years. Hearing that Arafat is ready for negotiations reminds me of the movie "Ground Hog Day", like a bad re-run. The same could be said for Sharon (though his "show" has been shorter) and his willingness to "make hard choices".
      Your point about maps is a good one and gets back to the issue of children's education (and even Sesame Street). Any theoretical settlement requires real lines on a map. You might be aware that Palestinian children are taught in books containing maps that do not show Israel in any form. Add that to many public proclamations about Arab countries eager to "kill all the Jews" and apparent Israeli paranoia is understandable as pragmatism.

      In short, I am not saying "I'm right, you're wrong", I am respectfully disagreeing with some of what you post as "fact".

      Say what you want about me, it will not make you a better person nor further your cause or beliefs.

    • Thanks. Or maybe I can read them and think back to how morons who could not debate the issues just flung insults instead of facts so they could feel better about their lack of intellectual capacity. I�ll add you to that list.

    • Save and print all your posts so you can read them when you're older and have the time and money to travel. By then you may have developed a personality to actually have productive discussions with people to help you with more balanced perspectives.

    • "(AP) - Following an Israeli offer, Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat said Sunday he is ready for peace talks, while about 6,000 Palestinians returned to jobs in Israel for the first time in a month. In an abrupt turnaround last week, Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon said contacts were already underway with Palestinian officials, adding, "We are ready to enter negotiations at any time." Sharon had previously conditioned talks on a crackdown on violent Palestinian groups responsible for attacks on Israelis."

      This is damage control due to people in their own military recently speaking up against the Israeli policies. But don't you worry, Sharon will never allow peace. This is just for the media to take off the heat. One way you will always know they are not serious at all is there are never any maps drawn up to propose a settlement. The same was with Bush�s fake Road Map to Peace. It was laughed at the moment it came out. War is big money and war is advanced by all the big players here while the little people suffer. So keep smiling, more people will die while you go shopping and remain ignorant.

      If you want to rebut why don�t you tell us about the Israeli economy, loans, grants, reparations, and what segments of their economy make the most money? What shape are they in and how do they sustain themselves economically. I bet you have no idea.

    • I think I already said in a later post I knew you were not Ead. Sorry to get you caught up in that. Anyway, your last post was nothing more than "I'm right and your wrong and I don't have to prove anything." Not much of a debate, is that?

      <<As best I can read you, life is unfair and anything is justifiable because there is evil in the world.>>

      You miss the point altogether. You criticize the tactics of a desperate people who have nothing. They face antagonistic policies from some of the strongest military nations on the planet that have shown decades worth of policies against them. Forget Sharon and Arafat for a minute. The common person who has access to only poor education due to the poverty and warlike condition in the region have little hope and the inability to do more than rely on their leaders good or bad. The nations that could implement goodwill and impact the situation the most have no incentive to do so and therefore foment the situation purposefully.

      If you look at periods of time when Masada (sp?) was assassinating leaders they were killing the moderates and NOT the radicals in Palestine. Why? To foment more violence. They did not want level headed leaders in Palestine that actually would work to resolve the issues. Also, if you trace back these �terrorist� organizations to their foundation you will see that Israel actually funded them in their infancies. Again, ask yourself why? To foment violence and justify military action, destabilization, and it is handy in an ultimate sense not to honor they UN resolution they entered to turn over the land. So, as even some of the military leaders in Israel have said recently the Israeli government�s tactics are antagonistic and brutal and insure that the situation only worsens instead of getting better. Is that said plainly enough from a frontline source? Maybe, I�m hoping, that makes some sense to you.

      In summation you can say I am wrong and you are right but I am sure others that read this see you present nothing more than that.

    • DingDong,
      I am not ead. I'm quite confident that you do not know me and we have not had any interaction prior to my posting. I follow the SUPG board out of general interest and have not posted on SUPG before (unless it was years ago). Your responses hardly reflect one with expertise in the area of the Middle East. I think it's very easy to find plenty of things anywhere in the region (and the world in general) that are not ideal. I can argue either side of the conflict, I just posted to counter what were very shallow arguments on your side. [very sad, indeed!] As best I can read you, life is unfair and anything is justifiable because there is evil in the world.
      I wish you luck because if your posts here are indicative of your general approach/philosophy on life you likely spend much of your time angry.. too bad.

      Smile, it will do you good.

    • If this is all about land and the rights of Palestinians to have their own state why did the PLO start before 1967 when the West Bank and Gaza were part of Jordan and Egypt respectively? [Because prior to that they did not have a home either. Just points of operation. Later borders changed but the desire for independence began prior to 1967. What is difficult to understand about that?] Did the Palestinians only develop rights with Israeli responsibility for the "disputed territories"?

      "Try hard and think about this. Why would a people with little more than rocks and homemade bombs with no delivery mechanisms other than their own bodies fight a nation with over 400 nukes? Could it be because they are desperate and have been lied by a nation that has ignored long standing agreements?"

      It could be that they have been abandoned by their fellow Arabs and sold out by their leadership (note how Arafat has accumulated billions while Palestinian children suffer from malnutrition [interestingly the US has the largest income discrepancy of any nation. The needy are not taken care of here either. I am not a supporter of Arafat, mind you, any more than Sharon. The �leaders� there and here lookout for themselves first. I will say that Arafat with his �billions� (I�d like to see the proof) does not live in splendor and does not leave. That is just an observation without a conclusion.] ) and been fed unrealistic promises about what they can have [you mean hope?].

      Dingo, ask yourself if the values being promulgated by the Palestinian media (kill and maim as many Jews as possible) are the bases you would choose for founding a state? [What makes that different than many, many other nations and the violence of our own? Did you forget the gorilla warfare tactics against the British and what we did to the Indians whose country this was? Remember the Trail of Tears? Apply the same standards. You arguments are horrible. Miserable and show a lack of history and context. Very, very, very sad.]

      Liberal or not, you suffer from ignorance. [No my friend, you do. Open your eyes. Stop thinking as if this is a sporting event where you have to pick a team a cheer them on. Be objective and if you are not to be a complete hypocrite then apply the standards you present to everyone. Many of the Israelis are more objective than you and see their government is abusive. Wake up.]

    • You wanted a reply, well here it is. I�ll waste little time on it. Comments in []:


      Shall we put you on the record in favor of child sacrifice? [No, but desperation is does strange things to people. Also what does you call sending an 18 year old boy into war? They are still kids. You can�t legislate adulthood.] That is the essence of what the Palestinian people are doing in sending their children (not the leaders you'll notice [You will notice that is true of every country. Do you see Bush fighting? Or Clinton?]) to blow themselves up and try to take out innocents in the process [as I said, we do the exact same thing. You should take what you say and apply it to your culture first to see if it passes and it does not, therefore it is inappropriate to apply it to other cultures. One reason the youth of all nations fight first or are drafted first is because they are not yet wise and very emotional. They are easy to manipulate. We do it in this country also.] Since the point about Sesame street was over your hear let's hear your response to the fact that homicide bombers are typically glorified in the media and some now have streets named after them? [My response? We do the same thing but call them heroes and they get book deals. You call your own soldiers and others terrorists. Remember, apply the same standards.]
      If you look at the Geneva convention, it expressly states that combatants should not mingle in civilian areas and should distinguish themselves by uniforms [Oh Lord. Ever hear of the Green Berets? Know how they operate? The CIA? Apply the same standard.]. That the terrorists groups routinely violate these provisions puts the responsibility for any bloodshed in the areas on Palestianian terror organizations [Have you seen the tape where children are running down the street being chased by an Israel tank that fires on them? We are talking kids around 7 or 9 years of age with nothing to protect themselves. Is that justifiable?] Speaking of agreements, how is it that over the course of Oslo the limits on number and types of weapons permitted to the Palestinian Authority have been ignored? [I do not get your point. Comparitively they have no weapons. Show me the Palestinian Apache helicopters for one?]

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