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  • dingosack dingosack Jan 6, 2004 8:04 AM Flag

    It had a link.

    It was to an article about Bush's "Free Speech Zones" where if you disagree with the President and attempt to attend an event he is speaking at you are put in a temporary prison half a mile away from the event for your own safety. If you refuse to be relocated they manufacture a charge and put you in a real prison. Talk about Nazis . . . all they need is to move the people by train and Bush can grow a cute little mustache.

    Here is the link again without the www part. Apparently some morons think if it is not from Fox News it is not real. Similar articles have been reported all over for over a year. I guess that pretty much proves those people are too lazy to try and find the truth. How shocking! LOL! Welcome to Amerika.

    And duragen, is the best that you can do is to call someone a democrat to try and discredit them and their sources? You do realize that is a pathetic tactic, right?

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    • I'm not responding for Dr P, however if they did block it then they were wrong to do so. That is exactly what we need more of for energy sources.

      Now, on the other hand the American Lung Association named Houston, Galveston, and Brazoria, Texas as being in he top ten most air polluted places in the nation. So Texas is still doing a crappy ass job. By your logic we can pin that crappy record on the Republicans. That shows that the Dems and Reps are the same coin just different sides.

    • All you liberals are hypocrites, my example being RFK. When windmill turbines were going to be placed around Martha's Vineyard as an alternative energy source, the Kennedy clan had the idea squashed because it would be an eyesore for them. There are windmill turbines thourghout the state of Texas, providing cleaner energy to its residents. Let's see, Texas is considered a republican state and has clean air alternatives and Massachusetts is considered a liberal state and they squash clean air alternatives. The typical hypocrisy of liberals.

    • "No I would not listen to you."

      So much for reasoned discourse.

      In truth I am not surprised, golfguy. You are rather predictable. And the reason Right-Wingnut Radio - also known as Hate Radio - predominates the AM band in comparison with progressive minded talk formats is not demographics, and it is not that progressive talk radio doesn't exist, it is simply due to the venomously adrenalized nature of Hate Radio's listeners. It takes a lot of energy to live life hating so much in the world, and they have it. They loyally support the snarling pundits who speak their minds for them, so Rush is a millionaire and Snapple sells a lot of tea. Just look at the name of one show, "Savage Nation". Does it tell you anything? Well, maybe not you...

      Unfortunately - well, not unfortunate for you - our liberal, progressive, original thinker types tend not to be as motivated to listen to their own thinking parroted back to them on the radio, numerically speaking anyway. But even so, YOUR take on numbers is a little skewed. You do recall, hopefully, who won the popular vote in 2000's presidential election, don't you? Does THAT tell you anything? Well maybe not you...

      Do you have children golfguy? Grandchildren? If so, I know you love them. I hope you retain sufficient good fortune to never have them hold you personally accountable for the suffering they will face if Bush and his dangerous cronies succeed in their ruinous goals. Were they ever to hear your bilious attitudes toward those who would "clean the air", they might be inclined to.

    • No I would not listen to you. And neither would anyone else in America. That is the very reason you liberals have never been able to get your own talk show. No one wants to listen!
      Lastly, if we were to listen to each and every bleeding heart who wants to shut down the forests, clean the air, stop global warming, etc. etc., I am positive our monthly fuel bill would exceed $1,000 a month and no one could afford to buy a home or a car.
      And Paul O'Neil is a disgrunteled former employee who "GOT FIRED". You don't suppose he has an axe to grind, do you?

    • I think you have anger management issues. There. THAT is opining.

      What you refer to as unmitigated crap was from Robert Kennedy Jr. He was both opining AND reporting, on a subject of immeasurable importance. Did you even read the material? Or did the author's name (or maybe mine) disqualify it from your condideration at the outset? You should read it, or confirm you have, and THEN come back and say it's crap. And then I will ask you why you think so. Do you think you can engage in reasoned discourse without becoming enraged, slinging the L-word around, and calling people beetards? Try it, it's the weekend, supg's not going anywhere...

      Now on the subject of guts - you want to know who has guts? I'll tell you who has guts. It sure isn't me, some middle-aged codger sitting with a keyboard, pasting my "opinings" on a message board precisely because I DON'T have to buy an ad to do it. Allow me to speechify a little. Here's who has guts: young people, the same age as my children, here in my community and every community, getting their pictures snapped in the local paper while hugging THEIR crying children goodbye before rotating out to Iraq. They have guts. Their wives (or husbands) have guts. The soldiers already there, and elsewhere, doing their nation's bidding with the fullest devotion it is possible to offer - their lives - all have guts. Out of an unwavering, unquestioning loyalty to the country they KNOW has been attacked, they are willing to lay it all down at the say-so of their leaders. That is what guts are, not some guy writing words that annoy you. And that's just one example, even if the most obvious.

      What is heartbreaking for me is, on the one hand, to honor this kind of courage and it's apparently infinite capacity for renewal, yet at the same time witness the dismantling of the very reasons this country is seen by those young soldiers as worth dying for. Doesn't that bother you?

    • "Opine?" You watch too much Fox News. It causes brain damage. This one is for you! Paul O'Neill basically said he found the President lacking in the intellectual department when he worked for him. Here is part of the article from the AP:

      In an excerpt released by CBS, O'Neill said that a lack of real dialogue characterized the Cabinet meetings he attended during the first two years of the administration and gave O'Neill the feeling that Bush "was like a blind man in a roomful of deaf people."

      O'Neill said that the atmosphere was similar during the one-on-one meetings he held with Bush.

      Speaking of his first meeting with the president, O'Neill said, "I went in with a long list of things to talk about and, I thought, to engage (Bush) on. ... I was surprised it turned out me talking and the president just listening. It was mostly a monologue."

      My comments again. That big dummy! Why is he running the country (into the ground)? I guess because there are even bigger dummies that support him. Seriously, does it not become more obvious that this is a plutocracy and he is not running anything at all?

      And Golf, Bushie-poo is at most qualified to be a tester for Hello Kitty toys. "This Hello Kitty toy makes my tummy all warm inside." Get over it. Your arguments are all ad hominem (go ask Bill O�Reilly what that means). You lose again. Game. Set. Match. Time to face the truth.

      But seriously, Golf. If I had a talk show would you listen to it? That would make my tummy all warm inside.

    • You are one sick m-fer. You really have a lot of guts polluting this board with your un-mitigated crap.
      Buy an ad in the newspaper if you want to opine. You egotistical b-tard.

    • Here are the top 15 environmental issues that Bush has claim to according to those polled. Sure, there are many more and Doc P's article does a better job of showing why we should be outraged, however here it is anyway:

      1. MERCURY RISING - Issued public health warnings to pregnant women and children about mercury after announcing policy changes to triple amount of mercury pollution allowed from power plants.

      2. SUPER DUPED - Became first administration to support shifting burden of Superfund toxic waste cleanups from polluters to taxpayers.

      3. SOOTY SANTA - Dismantled provision of Clean Air Act that requires oldest, dirtiest power plants and refineries to curb soot and smog pollution.

      4. BACK IN BLACKOUT - Proposed a national Energy Bill that did nothing to reduce dependence on foreign oil, repair or address antiquated electricity grid, or protect special places from oil and gas drilling.

      5. DRILLING WILDERNESS - Opened nearly 9 million pristine acres in Northwest Alaska to the oil and gas industry for exploration and drilling.

      6. STONEWALLING, BIG TIME (tied)- Continued to withhold documents from secret meetings between Bush/Cheney Energy Task Force and energy industry lobbyists.

      6. DON'T AX, DON'T TELL (tied) - Promoted a wildfire policy that expanded commercial logging in the backcountry but did little to protect people where they live.

      7. NEXT STOP, SHINOLA - Allowed untreated sewage to be blended with treated sewage, cut funding for local sewage treatment, and didn't require health officials to warn public about sewage in water.

      8. CRITICAL CONDITION - Obliterated the process of critical habitat designation for imperiled wildlife under the Endangered Species Act.

      9. COP OFF - Continued pattern of willful negligence for enforcement of even basic clean water and clean air laws.

      10. POST 9/11 LIES - Discovered by EPA Inspector General to have lied about post 9/11 environmental health hazards near Ground Zero.

      11. ROAD WARRIOR - Expanded the legal loophole that allows obnoxious road claims through federally protected wilderness, national parks, and public lands.

      12. HOG WASH - Secretly negotiated backroom deal to exempt giant animal factories from laws governing air and toxic pollution.

      13. POLLUTED LOGIC - Refused to classify industrial carbon emissions, linked to global warming, as an official pollutant under the Clean Air Act.

      14. HOT AIR - Proposed fantasy hydrogen power initiative to improve auto fuel efficiency rather than promoting more proven technologies like gas-electric hybrids.

      15. ESTATE TOX - Ended a 25-year ban on the sale of PCB-laden real estate.

    • I believe in free speech and support the right to post what ever you want on these message boards.Some of us would like to see OT in the heading so we can choose what we want to read.Please use OT for off topic messages,thank you.

    • Oh my God.. Did you read through all ten of those posts looking for news about Supergen? Sorry, there's nothing in there on it. Did you want to know why Supg's price is rising? Are you asking me? Here's why - increasing demand for supg shares. If you want the details, ask one of the level two experts here, like Funbunch. He can tell you the inside scoop, whether it's a real move, a head fake, MM manipulation, what have you. Hope that makes you feel better. Have a nice day, and don't eat the tuna.

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