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  • alain1922 alain1922 Sep 22, 2004 9:08 PM Flag


    1.-SUPG signed a HUGE deal w/ MOGN.
    (which will give this company over $100 million dollars, and basically taking most of the risk out of the stock)

    2.-They are waiting for the FDA to get back to them for approval for Orathecin. (Due date 11/26)

    3.-The company is on the road AT LEAST 7 confrences by year end.

    4.-BUY recommendations across the board (from good firms)Targets...ranging from $12-$19 a share.

    This is one of those classic cases where people are scared of the market and want to wait and see what happens...By the end of the year when SUPG is trading at $12-$15...Those people are going to be kicking themselves in the ass!

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    • Unfortunately, there is one more big fact.

      Dr. Rubinfeld screwed all of the shareholders with the "June notes". We are at the mercy of the "June noteholders" who as an earlier poster said...will be shorting because they CAN and are making a ton of money.

      YOU ALL NEED TO WRITE TO SUPG TODAY. The NOTEHOLDER need to be EXPOSED as they are ruining this company and stealing from you and me and thousands of shareholders. They are most likely a hedgefund that made a really good deal with Dr. Rubinfeld.

      IF WHITE COLLAR CRIME DOESN'T pay in our country then I don't know what does.

      The fact that SUPG will be doing a road show mean ZILCH now. Do you realize how badly you've been had?

      The only thing that will save this is that the sleazy shorts attacking this stock to steal from people on both sides and it will too go up drastically when the covering begins.

      TIM ENNS is a passive idiot! You write him and see what his response is about the "June notes". HE and the rest of these people should be fired or put on a plane to IRAQ with the sleazebags they sold these notes to!

    • All speculation. Without approvals it's a loosing proposition. Look at how it's bleeding cash.