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  • roryrae roryrae Nov 2, 2004 11:23 AM Flag

    Hey Artcollector...why do you come on

    the board and tell us about TASR when the stock is up but your no where in sght when TASR is down. Last week you said to buy TASR and the stock has gone done but recovered and its the same price as last week. Boy get a life and buy instead of yacking.

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    • WE (supg shareholders) should be SO LUCKY to have OUR stock acting like TASR!!!!\

      I cannot believe you would even USE THAT FOR AN ARGUMENT! TASR IS THE SAME PRICE? LOL

      WOULDN'T we all LOVE to have SUPG HOLD FOR MORE THEN 5 minutes!

      AGAIN, I've been telling everyone to BUY tasr from $28 all the way to low $40's.

      Anybody that listeded is doing really well!

    • Your posts are nothing but cotton candy (spun sugar, food coloring) and have no nutritional value.

      You are so fixated on the 10 shares of TAZR that you own. Maybe you need to post on the TAZR board instead of SUPG.

      Why is it that you selectively post only when TAZR is up and SUPG is down. Do you feel like a better person when you remind people that their investment is down for the day and yours is up?


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      • Only a person with Pom-poms and BLIND would call STRONG FUNDAMENTALS "sugar spun cotton candy"!

        Is THIS what you call "Sugar-spun-no nutritional value"?

        42% margins
        over 80% of float short
        a brilliant management team
        no credible competition
        a stock that has analyst drooling over margins
        a history of stock splits
        the entire world as a marketplace

        I COULD go on!

        Listen, I own more shares of SUPG then I would like to admit EVEN to myself! I, LUCKILY own a LOT more TASR then you are referring...and my profits are going to be long term too...because TASR (NOT tazr) is going to be a $100 stock and I'm going to be holding it for LT gains.

        Good luck Pom-pom girl!

      • for long will see 7-8 very very soon.